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Actually, I think Fiat has now decided they'll make the Jeeps in Italy....
Sure... but Barry O' has never been 'beaten down' in his entire life... a life of good schools (in Hawaii !), easy access to lots of drugs, a free pass to the best schools, never holding down a true job, an empty seat in IL state legislature, same for the US Senate, and then elected without being truly vetted. So when has this guy ever faced anything close to the adversity that African-Americans have faced throughout their family histories? This guy has always been a fake, phony, a bunk-peddler... and will do or say anything to maintain the position he's fallen into.
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Black and White Standards

Steve146 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 8:23 AM
Hey everyone... you've got to put your satiric glasses on for Loyal D's post. Don't go berserk. He/She is just making a point... and to get it you'll have to step back a bit, take a breath, and realize it's a spoof. There... feel better?
Yeah, Incred2... but now we have lawyers who handle all of the unfair work conditions issues. The unions use workplace issues to pump up their coffers - they see them as ammo to increase their position of power, and hump public officials like crazy to create their alliances. Lawyers, on the other hand, go into workplace issues with the idea of making money for themselves and their clients... no union involvement = equals a big payday. People needed to unite in the past, but looking to the future, unions are anachronistic.
... and I would add that when you're on the right, and religion is your politics, you're dangerous. It's not whether we believe leftism is a trend or a religion, or whether we want god to 'help' us govern... it's that we're not sticking to the constitution and its tenets that is getting us in trouble.
Wow, Andy... and you wonder why folks are wary of conservatives and their religion? When any group, supposedly-christian or radical islam, attempts political rule through a book of antiquated mysteries... only oppression emerges. Rest assured there are many on the so-called right who are not bound fast by easily-twisted 2000+ year old narratives and parables.
Billy, tell me how reporting the incident in the showers in 2001 would have negatively affected the football program to the extent that 4 previously honorable, professional men would have been afraid to face it. I agree they should have reported any impropriety to Child Welfare, and let them do their thing. But I don't agree that the impact on the FB program at that point would have been serious enough to turn them all 'evil'. It was the first incident they came across, as the previous one in '98 was not initiated by PSU, but by the DA and local police. They would have faced scrutiny, but would eventually have been respected for turning him in.
(PSU's football academic program may be the most rigorous in the nation, and not only does PSU carry one of the highest graduation rates for FB players, but that same system has been applied across its intercollegiate sports programs, resulting in the top performing academic-athletic program in the country.) So what if the NCAA has no real purview over the issue, yet unproven, that a coach's offense may have affected the football program negatively... the NCAA will do it anyway, and challenge anyone to oppose them. They write their powers to fit the scenario they need to portray. Kinda like Obama.
So if you're the NCAA, and want to not only show your power, but try to offset the greed inherent in the NCAA by showing how righteous you are (the NCAA is about to sign the most lucrative FB TV contract ever, and is about to start a bidding war for their new playoff bowl game sites next year) ... then coming down hard on PSU is the perfect scenario. So to balance out the NCAA's greed, they claim PSU has a 'football culture' problem, and not a focus on academics. Ridiculous.
If the NCAA wants to show its importance, and has a great chance to offset the perception of its greed - it's about to sign the most lucrative FB TV contract ever, and is about to start a bidding war for the rights to host the playoff bowl games which start next year - then they have the perfect avenue through its handling of the PSU 'offenses'. Problem is, the NCAA has no real purview over a potentially criminal offense (PSU admin's supposed coverup) that may or may not have averted 'bad publicity'. They also have no authority to force the university to create a fund for child sex abuse or any other purpose. So that's at issue... if they don't have the power, do it anyway and challenge someone to oppose them. Kinda like Obama.
I agree that Prager's argument strays a bit. I am a PSU alum, I am also a former journalist from a time when we used to actually research facts, get both sides of an issue, and when jumping to conclusions and getting something wrong were mortal sins. My POV is that the NCAA is acting kind of like Obama in this case. If Obama wants something, and can't get it through the usual process of government, he just does it by presidential fiat... If Obama wants to score some political points, he leaks classified info on the Bin Laden assassination to show the world how tough he is. continuing.....
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