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Courageous Pennsylvania School Officials Nab 5-Year Old Terrorist

Steve138 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 8:36 PM
Hey moron, Background checks are fine, but when you lable a gun for no other reason then cosmetics, a 'military or swat "type" gun' you have lied to the public, which makes your intentions crisyal clear, you want to tell an honest law biding citizen what legal guns they can & can't have. Mabey you need a lesson in freedom & liberty. Mabey you should ask yourself, why would people in power want to disarm, honest, law biding citizens. Governments should fear the people, not the other way around..

It appears that my contest between the United States and United Kingdom for the most inane government policy how has to be augmented by a new contest between Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Just yesterday, I mocked Maryland officials for suspending two little boys for the horrific crime of playing cops and robbers (and noted that this is not the first time such stupidity has been displayed by Maryland school officials).

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