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Noonan: Say, Isn’t Wendy Davis Defending the Right to Infanticide?

Steve1287 Wrote: Jul 02, 2013 3:10 PM
As a pro-lifer. I oppose the taking of INNOCENT life. So that counts out criminals who have taken other's lifes. I oppose targeting civilians in war, but hose who are fighting have to take what they get. What truly disturbs me is how the libertards can be SO supportive of murdering an innocent baby up to birth (oh, it's ALL about that magical, citizenship bestowing birth canal!)....but can be so anti-death penalty as to want to commute the death sentence of a mass murderer. You talk about hypocritical? To me, holding those two positions would create EXTREME cognitive dissonance.

This ABC News segment is a few days old but it’s instructive nonetheless. Why? Because it cuts to the heart of what this whole debate in Texas is really all about: