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Hell, no! Arkansas voted for Republicans for Senator (Tom Cotton) and Governor (Asa Hutchinson)! Tell them to run back to New York!
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Our Make-It-Up World

Steve1287 Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 5:46 PM
For the Democrats in dealing with voters they live by the words of Colonel Jessep: "You can't handle the truth"....and the fact is that their voters neither want to or can handle the truth. They live in a fantasy land bought and paid for by the sweat of people that have to handle the raw, naked truth every day.
Ah, but if the entire media constantly told you that dogs NEVER bite men...and then there is proof that they does become news, doesn't it? I mean it's not you and I we are trying to convince...we've known FOREVER that Democrats cheat their azzes's that somewhat uncaring middle ground independent (independent=I don't know what the hell I care about) that needs to be convinced.
Mother Jones has published an article about how O'Keefe approached some Democratic operatives and they declined to participate. The NEWS is NOT that a few decided to obey the law and declined to support voter fraud. The NEWS is that SOME DID! Why is it a surprise that Democrats are as liberal in their morals and ethics as they are in everything else? They abide by the rule that it is only illegal IF THEY ARE CAUGHT! Well...they were CAUGHT!
But so what? When Reid used the nuclear option, all of them were approved by Senate Dems and are back on the board legally and will approve every single one of the decisions. So in effect...BFD.
BFD....after Reid exercised the Nuclear Option, every single one was appointed anyway and every single one of the 436 will simply be reaffirmed. aware that if you lose the Senate and I pray you do, that Republicans will FINALLY find some balls and exercise the Nuclear Option right back at you, removing the filibuster for legislation as well. Then working with the House to pass all of the politically acceptable but Obama unacceptable legislation, making him use his last 2 years vetoing legislation that the majority of Americans support. 2016 could be a CF for the Democr@ps, IF (and it's a huge if) the Senate Republicans are smart enough and ballsy enough to do it. Which I seriously doubt.
I find it enormously amusing that Democrats in the Senate and House are so welcoming and happy about their own irrelevance. I can only hope they are so accepting of their fate when Conservatives finally take back the Senate and hopefully the White House in 2016.
300! What are we, the SPARTANS AT THEMOPOLYAE? This won't help the Iraqis a scintilla, a speck, a bit. BUT it puts Americans in harms way without ANY backup or support. It's going to get people killed for NO REASON! Remember....almost all on of those 300 died!
So go start another party, Ress. Be disgusted with the GOP....but are you more disgusted or less with the sh!t spinners in the Democrappic party?
Even if the IRS won't give them up. ALL of those email were sent to OTHER government employees and THEIR incoming emails should be archived. Subpoena the White House, Other Executive Branch agencies, and Congress to come up with any and all emails sent from or to Lois Lerner in the IRS.
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