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If no one reports any voting machines switching votes from Dems to GOP, then the only reasonable conclusion is that the "vote switching" is not accidental or calibration errors, but a deliberate attempt to steal votes.
You expect a Dem-wit to make sense? Big mistake! Point it out when they are completely stupid and continue to hammer them with the nails they provide. Don't let up...Maybe Mitch should remember that when he is D.C., too!
If I had put on a "Free The Russians in the Ukraine" uniform and gone to the Ukraine to fight against the Ukrainian government, I, as a white, Christian, would have my passport revoked before sun down, if not sooner. I can only assume that our State Department are racists, i.e. the race and religion of the person counts more than what they do.
Ain't she the cutest little supporter of baby killers!
So Walker has fixed so much in Wisconsin that a lot of the voters want to gorge on the surplus and elect incompetent Dem-wits again. They only need Republican governors to straighten the ship, then they can return to the drunken monkeys steering the ship aground.
Dem-wits are afraid to fire their loyal voters, monetary supporters and fellow totalitarians for incompetence. After all, if they are Dem-wits, by their definition, they can't be incompetent.
Yes, I don't particularly that the President is a red as the flag of Internationale Communist Workers of the World....totalitarian dictators unite!
Generally, Todd is right. Asked, then answered with a lie, and now we need the facts so perps can be punished....or, avoid all the fuss and remove the present administration from office and put them in prison where they belong.
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Tea Party at the Crossroads

Steve119 Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 2:56 PM
Wasn't the Republican party a third or fourth party at one time? If it continues the way the RINOs, it will again be a third or fourth party.
I wonder if the question was asked like "Would you support a hike in the minimum wage to $9 per hour if you were forced to pay more for goods and services?" Or, if it caused a 2% increase in unemployment and 10% increase in welfare benefits?
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