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The Current Cowardly Church Needs a Mega Dose of the Rebel Spirit

steve1044 Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 8:46 AM
The Bishops are fighting the requirement that church-owned and run institutions provide birth control to their employees, yet the Bishops got on board early on supporting Obamacare provided there was no funding for abortion-related services. In other words they were duped and betrayed. The lesson here should have been, it is never a good idea to do business with wicked people, whether it be concluding a concordat with Adolf Hitler or supporting Obama and Pelosi on Obamacare.

Whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind. –Declaration of Rights, Maryland

Unlike America’s original rebel Christians who dumped the Brits’ taxed tea into Boston Harbor and told King George that he could kiss their King George, today’s evangelicals, I believe—especially the dandy ministers who love to be loved—would have...