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On Christmas, Liberals Are By No Means Liberal

steve-o10 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 7:10 AM
A1PJones: "Supply-side" is the term for letting workers keep more of their money, and not permitting govt to confiscate 50% in taxes (which is occurring even for middle-income people esp in high-tax states). The opposite of supply-side is socialism, fascism and communism -- if you don't believe that, then just look at the website of the Comm Party USA, and you'll see the platform, pretty much exactly, of Obama/Reid and most Democrats: And if YOUR preferred govt (Republicans having no power and influence) is SO great, then how do you explain the economic meltdown in Calif and ILL, 2 of the most Democrat-controlled states? And how about France, raising taxes to 'solve' their fiscal disaster?
Random thoughts on the passing scene:

When I was growing up, an older member of the family used to say, "What you don't know would make a big book." Now that I am an older member of the family, I would say to anyone, "What you don't know would fill more books than the Encyclopedia Britannica." At least half of our society's troubles come from know-it-alls, in a world where nobody knows even 10 percent of all.

Some people seem to think that, if life is not fair, then the answer is to turn more of the nation's resources over to politicians --...