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Interesting to find out if the companies that worked on healthcare.gov for federal exchange also sent clear and repeated warnings (as oracle claims). Still no one has been held accountable.
Is there any possibility that this Special Committee can designate one person from each side (or an attorney) to question witnesses. The 5 min format of letting each member question a witness so they can grandstand does not lead to anything useful. The typical hearings are so disjointed and fractured because all the members get to question, little is discovered and witnessess get off the hook by dragging out a non responsive answer until the clock runs out. Any thoughts if the procedure can be changed?
To further the cover-up they arrest the film maker, film his perp walk to prove to the world they caught the bad guy and tossed him in prison. Soviet Russia could not have done a better job. It would be interesting to follow the e-mail trail to determine if WH ordered his arrest.
'Clean' Debt Ceiling Vote Was Least Bad Move...........Sound very familiar: James Clapper: I Gave 'Least Untruthful' Answer Possible On NSA Surveillance. They are all snake oil salesmen.
Reducing crime should never be at the expense of Black men or any specfic group of people, including males. Every time police are looking for a middle aged male I feel like I have a huge target on my back. Sexual profiling is wrong.
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Texas Has the Formula

Steve-in-Dallas Wrote: Dec 07, 2013 12:36 PM
Congressman Davy Crockett spent his years in Washington defending individual liberty and fighting the abuses of the Congress violating the Constitution. In 1835 on the floor of the House of Representatives when Congress again was once agian violating the Constitution, and cried out in anger...."Ya'll can go to hell, I'm goin' to Texas!". The rest is history. Texas has been welcoming people of his caliber ever since.
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Oprah Plays Obama-Race-Card

Steve-in-Dallas Wrote: Nov 16, 2013 12:04 PM
Oprah, as of Friday 39 dem. members of Congress automatically became card carry racist for voting with Repubs. Please call them out.
The bell has been rung....you can't unring it.. Did WH vett this with the 50 state insurance commissioners? Does anyone have an idea of what it will take logistically to reinstate canceled plans? It takes more than a snap of the fingers. There are 50 states with a multitude of laws and regulations with statutory and regulatory deadlines that have to be met, contracts with hospitals, doctors and pharmacy companies. All for one year or less depending on executive fiat of O. It ain't going to happen. None will be reinstated. What should happen is insurance companies should run a dual track the next couple of years with plans meeting obamacare requirements and with non obamacare plans sitting on the shelf, state approved,priced and ready to roll so when obamacare fails, these plans can be activated and offered as truely shovel ready healthcare plans to pick up the pieces.
A better example than the $640 toilet seat was the development back in the 60's of a writing instrument that could write in zero gravity. The US/NASA's solution was a huge R&R development project that came up with a specialized ink pen that was developed at an incredible cost to the US taxpayer.....the Russian's solution to gravity was the already developed and inexpensive lead pencil. The programs and code already developed and existing would have been much cheaper and more reliable.
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