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School Choice: Making the Grade

Steve Tanton Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 12:26 PM
Ed, While I agree with you on school choice, I'm not sure I agree with you when you state, “Yes, there are many good public schools nationwide, with dedicated teachers who deserve praise." I might say "a few". Several years ago when living in California, I was telling a French friend of mine (who is involved in alternative school education) that I thought probably one half of American teachers (K-12) were probably good, she promptly interrupted me and said, "Steve, you're being kind." Gee whiz, wonder what that meant? My last three children all quit high school after attending only one year...they are all doing just fine in college thank you. Sorry, I've just met too many teachers and graduates from public schools who are ignorant..

More than 200 organizations across the country are staging some 3,600 events to mark this year’s School Choice Week. But many grateful parents have reason to celebrate every week.

Just ask Joseph Kelley. A single father living in Washington, D.C., Kelley was shocked when his son Rashawn failed the first grade. Worse, his teachers didn’t even realize that he knew how to read. But rather than work to improve his vocabulary and get him up to grade level, the D.C. Public School System placed Rashawn in special-education classes.

Kelley knew his son was smart but wasn’t being well-served by his...