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"The first step is to define marriage." "The introduction of a deity or Guns or the Constitution are not requisite to defining marriage." O.K. So we leave out the Law of God, the law of man, and the means of enforcing any of these laws. By what criteria, then, should marriage be defined? the rule of the majority? by rule of a minority from the bench? The introduction of a deity or Guns or the Constitution after such definition will come into play, no?
Romans 1 outlines for us the moral decline of civilization. Redefinition of marriage is the penultimate stage, of which God has given up the society to, followed by that society desiring not to retain God in their knowledge and so God gives them up to a reprobate mind. In chapter 2 the question is "How shall you escape the judgment of God?" Evil thinks that its existence proves the non-existence of God. But it is a parasite not acknowledging its Host. Notwithstanding, evil is in the ascendency and judgment is the only remedy. We do not idly witness the collapse of our society and our country, but we do witness its collapse.
Yeah, if he is not her son, why is she speaking up for him?
Let's take a straw poll: Democrat straw donor - good; Republican straw donor - bad.
Democrat - good: Republican - bad.
". . . smoked sulfur and pigs. . " sounds good. I must have your recipe. Do you do this underground, like in a pit?
The first seduction was "you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." Turned out that they only knew evil.
Their actions are expensive.
Liberals and anti God and anti Christian. That is why homosexuals and Muslims can embrace so affectionately.
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The Left Officially Declares War on God

stereotypo Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 12:55 PM
How did you misunderstand David 3036's comments?
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