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This I Believe: A Farewell to Optimism

SterCrazy Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 3:21 PM
Marriage used to be viewed as a covenant - a contract - between partners who publicly stated their pledge to remain married and faithful to each other "until death do us part". The law followed to enforce that contract. Now we speak the words with n\o intention of being held to them and no expectation that society will disparage our honor - let alone legally enforce our contracts. I believe the end of the view of marriage as a contract has been seminal to the current view that I should not be held responsible to fulfill ANY pledge I make - be it loan terms, business contracts, relational responsibilities, work expectations, etc.

A few days ago, going through some memorabilia of my mother's, I found the original promotional material for this syndicated column, launched in 1993. I was billed as "A New Conservative Voice for Young Women!"

More than 17 years ago, I set out to explain how a Yale-educated young woman from a secular Oregon family could become a social conservative:

Every life is precious. It is better to care for your children than to kill them. Divorce hurts children; it also breaks apart life's most precious commitment -- a family.

Men and women are different. A society that pretends otherwise is...