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7. He continues to attack our Constitution through his alarming number of executive orders. In my opinion, he will probably attempt to issue an executive order to confiscate guns and ammunition. Homeland security is buying billions of rounds of ammunition in an attempt to start the process. Even getting 22 mm ammunition is nearly impossible or prohibitively expensive. The Fast & Furious scandal was an attempt to blame the producers of American made guns for the deaths of Mexican drug lords, which backfired. It is now common knowledge that our government illegally supplied thousands of high-powered weapons to the Mexican drug lords in an attempt to trace these guns back to American companies to put them out of business. This is an impeachable offense that the Obama administration is dodging through executive privilege. 8. Obama promotes the ACORN practices that continue to win him elections, including voter fraud, which was very apparent in the last national election. 9. His use of the Martin-Zimmerman case to promote racial unrest is an attempt to divert our attention from the many scandals plaguing his administration. He will probably find more so-called “white on black” crime and turn his attack dogs, Sharpton and Jackson loose on inciting more riots. 10. And perhaps worst of all is Obama’s sociopath philosophy of continuing to allow millions of full-term babies to be killed through partial birth abortion, while at the same time professing to be a Christian. All in all, Obama is truly an evil man and must be impeached along with Biden who is complicit in everything that Obama is guilty of.
Great article. I would add: 1. Obama is a chronic liar. Every good promise that he has made on the campaign trail, he has broken. For example, his promise that his administration would be the “most transparent” in history is anything but that. He continues to lie on each of his involvements on the scandals that are real, not phony. 2. He wants to bury us with even more debt with out-of-control spending, weakening of the dollar resulting in increased inflation of lowering our standard of living through bad Fed practices (printing $50 billion each month), and higher taxes, which if continued will send us into even worse depression and with higher jobless rates. College graduates are not finding work, many who have been trying to find work just stop looking ( the true jobless rate is above 20% taking everything into account). 3. Obama’s support of the tree-hugging, global warming alarmist crowd by increasing regulations to wipe out the coal industry and prevention of the development of oil and gas on public lands, will keep us fettered to foreign oil. The stimulus of crony support of solar, wind, and other alternative energy companies going bankrupt is a good indication that he just doesn’t understand how damaging these policies are far from what is needed to promote job growth and a viable economy now and into the future. 4. Obama intent is to destroy America and have us become another European, socialistic type government in every way possible and starting with Obamacare, which is doomed to fail or send America into bankruptcy if fully implemented. 5. Obama’s foreign policy is encouraging terrorism attacks upon our embassies abroad and in conjunction with weakening our military (including the depletion of nuclear assets) will continue to make America more vulnerable to attack. 6. Obama wants to build a nation of dependent Democratic voters to eliminate all opposition. This has been exemplified in the last election by his pandering to the gay community, illegal aliens by his support of amnesty, bribing voters with Obamaphones, food stamps, higher rates of out-of-work compensation, continuing with policies to increase beyond the present 47% who pay no taxes, etc. Continued below ---
Please counsel your pregnant daughters that giving their baby up for adoption is much preferred over abortion. Remember that abortion is willfully murdering a child of God and that if you make a decision to abort, you will certainly face God at some point and pay for the sin of murder. Just because others are aborting their babies will not be a justifiable reason for you to abort your baby. May God bless you in making the right decision. The best option is to remain a virgin until after marriage. And then have as many children as you can support. This goes for the potential fathers as well. Remember that God also condemns those who have sexual relations with anyone except their legal and lawfully wedded spouse. Pray for the strength to resist the temptations of living an immoral life. Living a moral life is the best way to prevent even having to consider abortion or adoption of illegitimate babies.
As far as I am concerned the MSM is oblivious to all in the news except that which will promote Obama's agenda to destroy America. Where are they when it comes to digging into all the scandals that Obama is trying to cover up?!! I'm also a little put out with Fox News as well in not pushing harder. The Martin-Zimmerman case is making big bucks for Fox and they can't seem to get to the truth that the DOJ is pushing this down our throats in an attempt to divert us from being so concerned about all the "false scandals" as Obama says. When will the truth come out and what will it take for reporters to seek for the truth rather than burying it?
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Please Don’t Frack

StephenWC Wrote: Aug 04, 2013 11:53 AM
A game changer could be the patented technology by a company, Air Products, which has been producing equipment since about 2008 for developing hydrogen in the form of "syngas". These production plants can use any carbon based material as a source including coal. And the process is eco-friendly. It could literally save our coal industry since the syngas can be used in power generation, developing automotive fuels, liquid or compressed hydrogen, and even liquid carbon dioxide. GOOGLE on Air Products or syngas for more information.
It's time for another "white on black" crime that Obama can use as a smoke screen to deflect our attention against his obvious failures.
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Obama the Unembarrassable

StephenWC Wrote: Jul 27, 2013 4:33 AM
Very true!! Obama is on his endless campaign wagon trying to deceive his base in an attempt to win votes in 2014. He has a lot of people who support him - mostly those with Obama phones, on food stamps and proud of it, on welfare and proud of it, not paying any taxes and proud of it. He is also trying to do all that he can to make it appear that he is not to blame for all of the mess that has been uncovered in all the scandals. What a piece of work he is. If the Republicans can win the majority of the Senate in 2014 as well as maintain a majority in the House, there is hope for impeachment. I predict that Obamacare is the Albatross that sinks him. It is the one very worse things he has ever done to help America become just like Detroit. It will be interesting to see in about 10 years how history will record his legacy of failure and corruption as he does everything in his power to destroy us all.
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Nuns Thrown Under the Bus

StephenWC Wrote: Jul 27, 2013 4:18 AM
I'm so glad that I have never had the time to watch this evil display. Sounds to me that it is fulfilling prophecy concerning the last days - wickedness will increase prior to the second coming of Christ and ushering in of the Millennium. Those who are responsible for promoting such filth or who watch it and revel in such filthiness will eventually meet their Maker. And if they don't repent before it's too late, they are going to have Hell to pay for it.
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Honest Discussion Needed

StephenWC Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 6:19 PM
Several of the Townhall commentators have recently stated that the reason why Obama and Holder have put so much emphasis upon the Martin/Zimmerman case at this time is to provide smoke screen to divert the MSM and it seems as if even Fox News has fallen for this -- to divert our attention away from the multitude of scandals: Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Obamacare, Fast& Furious, etc. I predict that we will see more racial hatred erupt because of what Obama and Holder have fueled. Beware of more "white on black" crime being exploited. And of course "black on black" crime will continue to be ignored. It may even lead Obama to write an executive order to confiscate all guns or to do away with concealed carry rights.
Mr. Lambro, I totally disagree with everything you say in this article. Were you not witnessing the trial? Did you not hear the exhausting testimonies given? Do you not understand that this case should have never been brought to trial - but has been because Obama and Holder want to bring up anything as a smoke screen to divert the nation's attention on their corrupt scandals? I can't believe that those running Townhall would allow you to get away with your tripe!!
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