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I have been asked this question before. My answer is similar to the authors. We, here on earth measure time in relation to the rotation of the earth about its axis and its orbit around the son. So in that measure 4.5 billion years. However, as God is not of this earth it would be silly to assume that he would measure time by the same standards. So in regard to your real question, which apparently are afraid to ask, do I believe that God created the universe? Most definitely. After all, what is the measure of a day in the life of an eternal being? I have been called derogatory names for this answer, and told that it is a stupid answer, but I have never had a lib be able to either answer that question.
I see the trolls here blame all of their problems on the evil corporations who have too much power. Let me ask these trolls a question. Who is worse the corporations who try to influence government to their benefit and that of their shareholders, or the politicians who claim to represent the people, but take every opportunity to enrich themselves from the corporations who buy their influence? (Notice I am actually using your argument). Who owns the corporations? That would be the people. How do corporations acquire money? People voluntarily give it to them. When a corporation makes money, who benefits? The shareholders. Who are the shareholders? Individual citizens, trust and sometimes other corporations. Ask these of Govt. Answers?
James, you know some how they will figure a way that it is still Bush's fault. In fact I am confident that in the 2016 election Bush will still come up and be blamed for what in effect will be an 8 year recession.
Really? No jobs. Your boy Obama stated during his reelection campaign that there were tens of thousands of jobs available. "Thank you Republican controlled Congress these past two years." Interesting. The democrats controlled both houses by super majority and the executive from 2008 through 2011. They had carte-blanch to do anything that they wanted during that period. So why was the problem not fixed when they had control? Also from 2011 to present they controlled the Senate and the Executive, 2/3 of the government. The house in fact sent a couple of dozen bills to the Senate during that period that specifically addressed the economy. Why did the democratically controlled Senate bury those bills and never even schedule them for discussion?
Oh yeah, there is someone who I always listen to. Michael Moore. He is so qualified to do what? Occupy space at a fast food joint? Michael Moore says? Are you serious, you actually believe something because a B rated movie director says so? Honestly?
How old are you? 5? "corporations have far too much power in our political system" Corporations like GE who backed Obama? Solindra? Obviously not the Labor Unions which collect money from their workers and give it to politicians for political favors? No, not the labor unions like United Auto Workers that Obama gave GM to (they own 51%, known as controlling interest). Wall Street banks crashed our economy? Who's butt did you have your head up from 2005 - 2009? The crash was due to excessive mortgage loan defaults. In other words it was caused by people taking out loans that they could not pay back. Yes, the evil banks gave money to families that couldn't pay them back. They did it because the Community Reinvestment Act.
Moron, There are only two legal reasons to be standing within 150 feet of a polling place on a date on which people are voting. Reason one is you are waiting to vote. Reason two is that you are a member of the polling staff. No one else is lawfully allowed to be there. It does not matter where the 14th ward is. That is the law in the Republic of the United States of America, It does not matter who you are, Republican, Democrat, Black Panther or Mother Terresa. That is the law. If this man is standing within 150 feet and particularly if he makes any comments or asks any question that can be construed as political in nature, he needs to be asked to leave, and if he refuses, then arrested. Period, end of story, there is not discussion.
"NAACP members were instructed to turn their clothing inside out" What? Politicking within 150 feet of a polling place is unlawful. They need top be expelled, forcefully if necessary, not told to turn their r-shirts inside out.
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