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So Professor Johns, would you say it deserves an apology if I stated that the fired football coach at the University of Texas makes much more in his fired capacity than Any art history prof on campus? The same for the fired athletic director? Hopefully facts don't hurt your feelings!
Obama is starting another war? Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and now Iran!!
Obviously you don't comprehend. But we will allow "possible" but keep it unlikely. That says it all. In the meantime keep voting for higher taxes and handsome pension plans. How is the "Global Warming" protocol progressing? It's not known as the land of fruits and nuts for nothing!!
She now has a vastly superior plan. Abortion coverage and free birth control pills.
Trailer trash?
Maybe she can try the Indian blood routine.
Of course if someone else's money paid for it that would be perfect for the liberal. Rubes of the state. Parasites.
The point of no return has been passed. Fast forward to Marxisn in progress. Fundamental transformation.
Hey Jay, 46,000,000 were uninsured! 600,000 signed up for Medicaid, maybe 200,000 sick folks grabbed and paid 1st month for ACA!! IMPRESSIVE!
Or the 0.9% additional medicare payroll tax over $250,000 AND the 3.9% medicare tax on personal income >$250,000. Thanks for the explanation Ms. Pelosi, now we know what's in it. But we await the magnificent implosion with glee.
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