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Hussein O can't wait to sign this bill? Bets?
But hey, it worked with Tom DeLay so why not Scott Walker!
So why does the Church allow her to remain a Catholic in good standing? Cajones missing? Actually none are required, just a simple brain should do.
So, tit for tat. Hang terrorist #1 by the scrotum. then....
How long did it take O to speculate on Harvard professor Louis Gates and announcing racism, the bedrock charge of his administration? How long to comment on the LAClippers owner?? How long to call YouTube to promote the disgraceful video responsible for Benghazi (45 minutes)?
Outlaw clouds, they're the real cause of "global warming." Plus, they contain guns!!
Sorry but there is only one way to conduct government medicine. RATION. Especially when the diagnosis and treatment reaches the expensive stage. Besides, VA schedulers and doctors aren't about to see more than 4 or 5 patients a day. And the schedulers don't want more work either so even the residents in training don't see many patients. Get used too it. The only thing that has saved medicare has been it's integration with the private industry. Both of those are also headed to the VA method. Doctors working for $15/hr for the right to be sued for things beyond their control?? Bye bye doctors. But you might be able to find one working selling houses as their new profession!
Extra small for all and extra condoms for the other inmates.
The incentives at the VA are 1) See as few patients as possible 2) Submit expenses as high as possible---that's how next year's budget is determined in DC. 3) Make sure bennies and retirement is in order. Questions? You want government medicine, there it is. Try going after hours.
Will take18 months to prosecute then Barry and Eric have sworn to pardon her. Maybe 30-60 days in the tank.
They must have a very good electronic shredder.
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