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So the DOJ has a conflict of interest and should be recused.
Good move to keep the underground market alive and well. Just have the mules sell on the street.
And who might that be is the problem. Google? Microsoft?
So did "Mitchell" have a sex change operation or did her parents recognize "her" as a man with a vagina at birth and name her Mitchell?
Oh no, it's bitter cold again this year!! "A new consensus" on "climate change" explains this! No contradiction there at all! Happening sooner rather than later!!
"As more data have become available, we’ve seen a shift in consensus, telling us that the impacts of climate change in temperate regions will happen sooner rather than later." How does one see a shift in consensus? Translation: we need to change talking points for the sheep.
Hey, I visited Amazon twice today, once yesterday, bought nothing. Amazon with 3 sales!
Good start for a video. Now please expand to include his pre 2008 bashes against Bush and his actions as POTUS. And for the heck of it add his gaffes, as 57 states, and corpse men.
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Codgers Freaking Out

Stephen908 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 7:51 AM
Be quiet. Codger Bill implies he's the smartest guy in the room! He verbally denies he is, but it's obvious he thinks he is. "I'll give you the last comment, Moron!"
So Professor Johns, would you say it deserves an apology if I stated that the fired football coach at the University of Texas makes much more in his fired capacity than Any art history prof on campus? The same for the fired athletic director? Hopefully facts don't hurt your feelings!
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