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Since the Jews have been a continual presence in the land for 3500 years, the early Israelites were a) the natives of the area, b) pilgrims from ALL over the world who were sent by their communities to pray in Jerusalem as the bible tells us to. Jews were the majority again in Jerusalem as early as the mid to late 1800;s.
Really, so you get news reports of the hundreds of attacks stopped every day, and the missiles fired into Israel EVERY day? Any common sense thought would understand that the relationship the United States has with big oil and the Oil producing nations, means that the influence is from the Arab world. The conversation is so one sided, so pro Palestinian, that in fact, you don't begin to get even 1% of exactly the opposite of what you stated.
And how is the Balfour Agreement, NOT decision (YOU Might want to do research) indicative of Israeli mistreatment of Arabs that in 1964 began to call themselves "Palestinians"? Since that was simply a statement by the Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, and was adopted formerly by the British Government, promising to create Israel, and what would become Jordan.
Actually there is a much simpler question which no one has ever answered. Until roughly 1964, the term "Palestinian" referred, derogatorily to the Jews of the former British Mandatory. So, the question is, exactly who, or what, is a "Palestinian"? If you can answer that, and no one can, THEN we can begin to solve the problem, (the next step would clearly be a requirement by those giving aid, that the Arabs who now call themselves by that term, stop teaching their children to kill Jews).
Good. Abortion is NOT a subject for the federal government, pro or con. It is specifically reserved for the states.
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Hillary, Hitler & Cold War II

Stephen37 Wrote: Mar 08, 2014 11:01 PM
As always Pat Buchanan manages to make up history and live in his fantasy world of foreign policy. Remind me again as Hitler staged the Polish "invasion" of the German Radio station how he was "negotiating"?
If you can't understand why defense needs are greater today than they were then, wake up and enter the 21st century. You're typing on a computer. Does that give you a hint?
A larger question is why is she even in the country? We have an extradition agreement with Israel.
That used to be the case, but thanks to the ACA it's no longer true. Many, like I, lost their insurance due to the Act and are now struggling between choosing massively more expensive (read unaffordable) plans and no insurance.
No, people are opposed to forcing other people to doing something with other people's money resulting in fewer people having jobs.
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