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3 Myths About Thomas Jefferson

Stephen239 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 10:12 AM
Jefferson didnot create a "Bible" for himself. H wrote what he referred to as "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth". It was an attempt to lay bear that Jesus was the greatest moral figure when taken without his miracles, not to denigrate, but to lift up. He sought to show no man surpassed Jesus even in absence of the miracles ascribed to him.
I choose them over terrorists who aren't screened because it is politically incorrect and illegal immigrants who have "never broken any laws." (in the latter case we must exclude violating the borders of a sovereign country and keep in mind that Mexico does not tolerate such things when their borders are crossed.)
And a laundry list of doctors saying you are incorrect can be found here: http://www.doctorsonfetalpain.com/
It was very easy to find research showing you to be incorrect. The argument is valid beyond a doubt. Read the abstract. http://anes-som.ucsd.edu/vp%20articles/topic%20c.%20anand.pdf
President Obama cut the tanker fleet.
In fact, the story of Jesus refers to Mary as "with child" while pregnant. You sir, are incorrect in entirety.
Where in the Bile does it say as you claim it does. Book, chapter, verse?
That is, you are grossly misinformed about Jefferson.
You are incorrect on Jefferson. What he believed is that the citizens should be self sufficient and not rely on the products of other nations if at all possible. He believed in an agrarian society. That being said, he did not believe in governmental debt as we have it now. He fought preemptive wars (Barbary pirates). He sponsored State days of prayer as governor of Virginia. The list goes on beyond that, but liberals ignore almost everything he truly said and did to claim he was a progressive. This was not the case.
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