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The Average White Guy Vote

Stephen230 Wrote: May 13, 2012 12:00 PM
No kidding, milt3726. We know full well the effect the Obama administration has had on "the average white guy." The question is, will we be able to get all "the average white guys" out to the polls in November? For the sake of our Republic, I, for one, certainly pray that we can!
traitorbill Wrote: May 13, 2012 7:49 PM
Some months ago the NY Times did a piece on Obama just abandoning the white working class vote. Strange. I thought that was middle America. Which just goes to show where Obama is coming from.
renny4 Wrote: May 13, 2012 8:14 PM
Regardless of all the hype that the o gets the woman's vote (not true, he gets unmarried YOUNGER women's vote who are a distinct minority to OLDER married women's vote) and minority vote (only 12% of the population), whereas the typical voter in pres. elections the same for decades: white, 41, married, employed, and owns property. And that is exactly the person that the great o hates and campaigns against.

CANTON, Ohio-Rudy is the quintessential average white guy, right down to his last name. "It literally is Guy," he said, laughing at the irony.

Born in New Eagle and raised in Charleroi in Pennsylvania's Monongahela Valley, Guy comes from a long line of Democrats. "My grandfather worked at Corning Glass, my father worked in the mines, the steel mill and finally at Corning," he recalled. "The family always had union ties, and that usually meant a tie to the Democratic Party."

That's no longer true for him, however: "As my life started to improve financially, I realized that unions seemed to...