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At last! It is all so CLEAR now!! NOW we know why our President is seemingly so sensitive to the wants and needs of Mulsims. He has something in common with them BESIDES wanting to overthrow America.
Only in the Democratic Party could a person so STUPID as to not be able to buy condoms without help from the Government fine a home. Ms Fluke you are one stupid stupid person. PLEASE go away!
That is the prior Democratic President
Don't you love the left. The first time in their lives they have to support a serviceman and it turns out he was a stinking traitor! But then again that IS probably their idea of a good serviceman.
They HAVE to put up unattractive pictures. If you stare for too long at her picture you will turn into stone.
I live in Texas close enough to the Louisiana border to get TV from the Louisiana stations. The ads that Landrieu is running are pathetically trying to paint her as just one of the regular people and a Democrat unafraid to take on the DNC establishment in DC. You can tell the campaign is going badly just be the tone her ads are showing. The Democrat I most looking forward to going down besides Abortion Barbie (to whom "going down" is a most different activity) is Landrieu. Do not forget OPERATION STRIPPER POLE:\ Please call the Wendy Davis Campaign Headquarters @ 817.886.8863 Volunteer for her campaign, ask for free campaign materials to "hand out", tie up their resources as much as possible!!!
Had the media done its job properly there would have been no need for the Swift Boat Veterans to even form in the first place. If we had an independent media determined to show itself worthy of the First Amendment and its protections people like John Kerry would have never been elected to ANY office in the first place. But alas they long ago abandoned the basic tenets of journalism leaving "We the people" on our own to find out the truth for ourselves. preferring rather to use the Democratic Party as a means of furthering their own career and agendas
As often as I rip liberals I am actually enjoying the moment when I say "way to go Senator Feinstein".
I am suprised that the Obama Administration has not sent congratulations on the Anniversary of such a monumental victory. And even worse I fear that he has asked them for a primer on how they did it.
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