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The Choice: Worthy or Worthless?

Stephen - East Coast Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 6:54 PM
Excellent article, Michael. I think that the majority of the country is done with this dog-and-pony act and would like to see some decency for a refreshing change. Vote Romney/Ryan, and throw out the clowns.
Editors' note: This column originally appeared in the Daily Beast.

Perhaps the most significant if unspoken argument for voters to settle on November sixth involves the bitter dispute over which candidate has lived the more virtuous, worthwhile, constructive life: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Democrats raise this question implicitly in their avalanche of attacks on the GOP nominee, portraying him as a greedy, callow, uncaring plutocrat who has taken hundreds of millions from the society at large while giving next to nothing in return. Vice President Biden tried to tie Romney’s policies to his questionable character in the contentious...

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