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The Assault on Food

Stephanie62 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 3:36 PM
That comment was in response to what another person said about one of my previous comments. I agree that the government should not be mandating these things. Especially since they can't even give us proper guidelines on what to eat. Look at where their guidelines have gotten America. I was just trying to say that the USDA should not be setting these guidelines, it should be outside people who actually have degrees in nutrition or food science. Yes, information has been around for a long time, but when you have doctors relying on the government's guidelines for what constitutes a healthy diet, it's important to make sure the information is not coming from a group of people with monetary ties to the food industry.

Instinct tells us to fear poison. If our ancestors were not cautious about what they put in their mouths, they would not have survived long enough to produce us.

Unfortunately, a side effect of that cautious impulse is that whenever someone claims that some chemical -- or food ingredient, like fat -- is a menace, we are primed to believe it. That makes it easy for government to leap in and play the role of protector.

But for every study that says X is bad for you, another study disagrees. How is a layman to decide? I used to take consumer...