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Best line ever: “not happy about getting dragged into the lewd spectacle that is a low-budget movie version of their masterpiece”. Don't ya just luv karma?!
Once Roe vs Wade was written (which was a privacy law), it became fodder for the irresponsible. It was utilized as an 'oops' contraception by the ill informed and those wanting no accountability. One's own selfishness devalues human life.
Good response. If a stethscope is used and there is no heartbeat, a doctor will perform a D&C. Medically, you are not pregnant.
Understand. We have two just like her in Texas: Reps.Eddie Bernice Johnson and Shelia Jackson Lee. Welfare addicted low information voters keep both of them in office denigrating our state.
Ben Sherman is the best his father's sperm could do?
Why doesn't Obama want to take the lead of his party and work with the Republicans?They have submitted over 30 bills to the Senate that Reid won't bring to the floor. Someone needs to be the adult in the room.
That's great; they passed it, they own it. Each of them can give up one year's salary if they are so anxious to throw more money down this sinkhole!
What a great marketing / pr move! Never heard of this guy.....12 years playing as a not too great player, found an avenue to get exposure....great ploy; hysterically, the Pres fell for it! Amazing.
No one is fighting because Mexicans want to come into our states and pick lettuce (we don't call them 'wetbacks' because it is comparable to calling a Black a n*****r...and that is classless) is the jihadists that come from Asia Pacific through the islands to the southern/central Americas and Mexico, learn the language and pass without pause through the borders because of their skin color. That is trouble. Can't address your ramblings about the Koch brothers...makes no sense. I live on the border....don't be petulant like POTUS and tell me what we need down here. You haven't a clue.
I just finished reading it. It is an abomination. We have immigration laws; enforce them! I live in a border state and Sheriff Joe, Jan Brewer and Rick Perry are the only ones I would trust to secure our borders. I realize that if you are not a citizen living in a border state, this probably doesn't seem a really important situation to you; but, I can tell you that you can't pass this bill and try to pass a punk gun national registry bill at the same time. We have gun legislation: enforce it. Meantime, I keep mine in my car and in my home.
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