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This just keeps getting better and better.......
Incompetency exposed! Obviously unknowing, this guy is seeking to get the Constitution changed in less than three years. Seriously? Both branches of Congress must vote with 2/3rds to send a change to the States for a passage of 2/3rds of their legislatures. These clowns in Congress haven't been able to come up with a budget for the past 4 years....does he really think that l) they could accomplish this action in the appointed time; or, 2) that State Legislatures could accomplish this action in the appointed time? Remember, every state has different meeting times. Example: in Texas they meet only every other year. This is such a bunch of garbage brought about by more amateurish thoughts. Spare me.
I do not live in NYC. But, seriously, are voters there really considering this pervert for mayor?
NOLA residents were given a three day warning. NOLA residents had a mayor that chose not to use buses parked in the school yard to assist those needing transportation to evacuate; some NOLA residents chose simply not to leave. More moot points: everyone older than 5 lived through 2000-2008. Not moot: People in Bengazhi couldn't leave; stood at their posts as required by their jobs and were subsequently ignored and allowed to be massacred.
Have you ever noticed that many cannot stand good looking women in the running? If you are good looking: you must be illiterate. If you are good looking: you must be a trousers' chaser. If you are good looking: You must not have the family background to attend a elite Eastern college. Words that come out of good looking women who are advancing their political cause are generally laughed at. It is now my turn to laugh: l)Howard Dean's admission of the wrongness of the membered panel in O'Care that will decide your healthcare fate; 2) Sheila Jackson-Lee Two things Sarah Palin warned about years ago.
Best line ever: “not happy about getting dragged into the lewd spectacle that is a low-budget movie version of their masterpiece”. Don't ya just luv karma?!
Once Roe vs Wade was written (which was a privacy law), it became fodder for the irresponsible. It was utilized as an 'oops' contraception by the ill informed and those wanting no accountability. One's own selfishness devalues human life.
Good response. If a stethscope is used and there is no heartbeat, a doctor will perform a D&C. Medically, you are not pregnant.
Understand. We have two just like her in Texas: Reps.Eddie Bernice Johnson and Shelia Jackson Lee. Welfare addicted low information voters keep both of them in office denigrating our state.
Ben Sherman is the best his father's sperm could do?
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