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Kermit Gosnell The Poster Child for the Pro Choice Group.
Apparently today's Supreme Court's decision on abiding by Separation of Powers applied only to the plebians.....and not to Ol' Great One. The man currently occupying the WH is the most corrupt piece of humanity that has ever occupied the WH. Better hang on, it's gonna continue to be a bumpy ride.
I tend to lean more towards being a Libertarian. I had a relative that was an "advisor" in this troubled area of the world. I cried on a regular basis. I supported the intent of this battle....however, did not support the continuous years spent. It made me mad at the administration. The first of the month I received notice that two of my friends are headed over to this brouhaha as 'advisors'. (FYI: This decision was not just decided upon) This decision was made by an incompetent person that people wanting to spout about the thrill of having a partially black President, elected -- not once, but twice. I thought Jimmy Carter was stupid; this man is evil.
Well, that makes two of us.
So the US Patent Office has become the PC Police to put the Washington Redskin Football Team in line. Go for it. It was tried in 1992 and they lost that bout. "Redskins", a slur? Not hardly. The term "Redskin" orginally depicted the ochre paint used in various ways to separate the different tribes of Indians. I am of Choctaw heritage. The word "Oklahoma" is based on Choctaw Indian words which translate as red people (okla meaning "people" and humma meaning "red"). If the Patent Office wants to enter a realm where they don't belong...why not go after the Dallas Cowboys? Afterall it was the "cowboys" of the old west that shot and killed the "redskins", and visa versa, I just can't imagine the litigants of this lawsuit having to sit through a Cowboy game, suffering such indignities. What about the little kids that play Cowboys and Indians? Imagine the human suffering they are bestowing upon the western civilized world? I am embarrassed for the Native Americans that have filed a lawsuit against our Washington Redskin Football Team and Mr. Snyder, its owner. Even more embarrassed for the Native Americans who are showing their lack of knowledge of history.
Makes one wonder if there is an ulterior motive of the current Secret Service organisation.....
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The Myth Of JFK

Stephanie149 Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 2:25 PM
I too lived through the "Kennedy" years. I must say that the grandfather of the author's friend hit the nail on the head. I reside in Dallas and I am appalled at the gauche festivities that are currently, and through the weekend, will be, going on. I shivered when Obama started being 'lionized' in the same fashion as Kennedy by the ill informed and the media. While we will never know the outcome of a lst, and possibly 2nd, term of presidency for Kennedy -- we can only imagine that our country might have suffered today's suffering 50 years sooner.
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The Obamacare “Fix” Scam

Stephanie149 Wrote: Nov 14, 2013 3:59 PM
Calling all young people! Pay the $95. and call it a day!
Right here in River City! So pitiful. These clown navigators are so dense that they don't even have the presense to present themselves to the public with a decorum of integrity! Do they not remember the ACORN videos brought on by someone going into an office and presenting a problem and videotaping their response? Did they not think that someone, somewhere, would, possibly, to the same thing? Amazed.
This just keeps getting better and better.......
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