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The Monsters We’re Making

Steev Wrote: May 29, 2014 8:27 PM
yea, let's turn everything upside down. in a court of law, for example, defendants should be presumed guilty and forced to prove their innocence. and writers should never cite sources because readers should be the ones doing the research to determine the validity of anything written
There was FAR more to the debunking of the fire marshall than what you state above. All of his conclusions were debunked. Moving a car does not in any way prove the car is more important than the children. Vil tirade makes perfect sense to me if he was not guilty. It makes sense to be very angry at someone who wants you to die. Every defense lawyer in the country would advise you to not take the stand whether you are guilty or innocent, this proves nothing whatsoever.
juries do whatever they are told to do. it is scary really.
the fire marshall testimony was completely debunked. Totally discredited by experts. Without that testimony there is no case. His 'confession" was reported by a convict who has been discredited and is not reliable at all (and was also not part of the state's evidence against CTW). His behavior was reported as odd by some, but it is ridiculous to think you know exactly how someone should behave in that situation.
OJ makes 1. and from that you extrapolate to millions.
And it is terribly troubling how hard the state fights the truth from coming out. And it is terribly frightening how juries typically do whatever the prosecution wants them to do. The evidence against willingham was dubious even before it was completely debunked by experts.
Check out Cameron Todd Willingham and get back to me.
so he shouldn't spend time on cutting his own benefits but you will continue to complain about his benefits? there is no logic in your comment.
The federal taxpayers should not be paying for ANY airfare for members of congress congress. each district and state should provide the transportation for their representatives in washington in whatever way that district or state thinks is appropriate. same goes for salary, benefits, and staff.
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The Real Vote Fraud

Steev Wrote: May 11, 2014 8:14 AM
The reason there are not cases of someone voting inappropriately is because there is no mechanism by which such voter could be identified as having voted fraudulently.
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