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President Obama's Bullying Pulpit

Steelpony Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 8:06 AM
"are not intimidated by this unprecedented and dangerous move." Excellent observation Mr Blackwell. It has become more than obvious the current occupant of the WH the Bully Pulpit having a little tantrum. Timeout with your face in the corner seems to be on the list of things to do. How do you handle "bullies" of this level of authority. How was bully NIxon dealt with. Ideas anyone.

President Obama this week took advantage of the fine spring weather and a meeting with Canada’s and Mexico’s leaders to make an extraordinary statement in the White House Rose Garden. He responded to questions about his health care takeover. ObamaCare is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The nine Justices are expected to rule on the measure by this June. Their ruling could come right in the middle of a heated presidential election campaign.

Mr. Obama sternly lectured those members of the high court who are about to vote on the legislation formally titled the Patient Protection and Affordable...