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A two-bit wag from a two-bit rag makes an utterly illogical and idiotic statement that has nothing to do with anything because he thinks doing so advances his own pissant agenda. Color me surprised.
The destruction of the black family traces back to LBJ's front door, and his fraudulent War on Poverty. I hope he rots in Hell for it.
I just found out what a New York reload is. After you've emptied your .38 Special, pull out another .38 Special and keep shooting. Which also gives you the option of shooting what's called a Texas pistol, which is actually two pistols, one in each fist. Yee haw!
OT: I was going to comment on this oh-so-fascinating, not to mention important, article. But then I found out how to be irresistible to any woman, so now I'm busy getting ready to go out and find her. I was wondering, has anyone else ever used this stuff? Does it take long to find this particular woman? Be advised, I got the testosterone too. TIA.
Confucius say, "He who go to be with itchy butt..."
Dumb? He's not? Wait a minute, I'm confused. Preachers don't lie. Do they? Jim? Tammy? Jimmy? Uh, I should say, Jeremiah? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
They're called soldiers of fortune, or historically, mercenaries. Nowadays U.S. combat vets are usually recruited by contractors. In the Reagan era there were vets of Vietnam who fought in counter insurgencies in Central America. It's interesting that they're back, vets of the desert wars, freelancing back where a lot of them fought in service. Good catch of an easily-overlooked story.
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The coming ass age

Jstanley01 Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 4:26 PM
Regarding Al Gore, don't forget. Methane is a far worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
I didn't mean to drop him on his head. Honestly. It was an accident.
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