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You mean the ones who have fought for America in Iraq and Afghanistan? The traitors are the Democrats in Washington who are destroying the country with debt and taking individuals' rights.
You make some excellent points, Dot32. Sorry about Illinois. I'm in Ohio which everyone knows is now a blue state when it comes to voting for president, but at least Kasich is implementing some intelligent fiscal policies as governor. Regardless, we're all still screwed because of Washington.
Anyone with half a brain knows that raising taxes during a weak economy, particularly raising taxes on the wealthy who I recently learned account for 30% of consumer spending, only hurts the poor and the middle class. Buffett obviously feels pious and good by saying he would pay more, but like most liberals he is absolutely hurting those who he thinks he's helping. Just because a person is a genius in one area of his life (running his business and investing) doesn't mean he isn't clueless regarding tax policy. What a fool. Obama on the other hand, doesn't care. His plan is to bring America to its knees economically. No doubt in my mind.
Liar. MSNBC and the liberal blogs and commentators made this about race. Now the country is more divided than ever. You should be ashamed but you have no shame, just like Obama. Disgraceful.
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Congratulations to President Obama

stat17 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 12:50 AM
You and de Tocqueville are both correct. Go to church, take care of your families and continue to work your a-- off and you'll be okay. I love America but we have a lot of bad stuff coming our way over the next four years and, possibly, all the way until the future that de Tocqueville describes arrives. Most don't think it could happen here, but I think it's coming. I'd like to blame the weak Republicans who helped lead America down this path, but we are the fools who voted for them. Let the leeches, government employees and other takers gloat for now, because they won't be able to do so for long. The collapse is coming soon.
Cried laughing at this! Good stuff.
There are way more old, young, etc. black racists than white racists. Are 98% of black Americans going to vote for Obama again? It was a pretty freaking large percentage of white Americans who voted for this bumbling idiot in 2008, regardless of his skin color. Why don't you shove the race baiting and do something positive for once for your country. You're an embarrassment.
Un-American coward.
Bush tried warning Congress numerous times about the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd did nothing. Bush had a great economy even with 9/11 and two wars up until 2007 (Democrat Congress comes in) with low unemployment and good growth throughout the first six years of his Presidency. Liberals have been telling lies about how Republican policies are what started the recession. It's Democrats who pushed brilliant ideas like forcing banks to offer loans to those who couldn't repay, as well as raising the minimum wage which ALWAYS raises the unemployment rate. Has any liberal ever had a entry level job and then moved up the income ladder? Are any of you able to grasp this concept?
The need to get rid of Obama trumps all of your bellyaching about the Constitution. Ryan has a plan to save this country from fiscal disaster. The political climate is now ripe to take the constitutional, conservative actions that he and Romney need to take to put America back on track. Relax a little and realize that this is the only choice we have and I think it's a great one, particularly compared to the past 3 1/2 years. I only hope we don't get burned again like we did with Bush. I'm going to take the chance to believe in these guys and you should, too. No other option right now.
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