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Te smartest man ever to be president? what a dipshit. Your iq must be below zero.
So the smartest man ever to be president, the best orator ever to inhabit the white house is just a dumb "the word that can't be spoken"?
Did we forget to point out that numb nuts killed 4 Americans via negligence in libya?
The msm has bet everything on the purple lip. When he loses, they lose. They just try to prop the failed preezzey up so they don't look as bad as they really are. To bad for them that more than 50% of Americans can see through the poop.
His purple lips were moving when "bumps in the road" came out. Therefore the shitstain uttered the words. It is time to flush the turd!
who you going to believe? The islamists who always want to kill us, or the lying affirmative action turds in this administration..
what do you expect from an idiot who's main claim to fame is he is a 166er?
What part of burning embassies, and flags does this idiot not get?
They told us that with the peanut farmer also. He was going to win by a landslide. They just had the wrong winner pegged back then, just as now. Especially since we need a leader in these trying times, and the scoamf is out campaigning while our embassies burn.
He did not okay the mission until paneta over ruled him. This makes him a hero? What a scoamf!
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