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Yes, and Romney has not waivered on the fact that, as a national plan, mandated healthcare is unconstitutional, something the SCOTUS, if doing their job, should have upheld. Is has been said time and time again and yet even conservatives seem to gloss over the fact, something that does not help them or Romney.
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Chief Justice Roberts, You Fox You

StarEnight Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 2:15 PM
Having read the artlcle and most of the comments here would have to side with those who believe that the decision of a Supreme Court Justice to allow this "penalty tax" was wrong, unconstitutional, traitorous even. Since it wasn't written or voted on as a tax, it is invalid to rule on it as a tax. The idea that the next election can turn it all around is like playing political Russian Roulette with our future, given that at least half the voters in this country are clueless. So I would have to concur most strongly with Richard19 who says that God "is the most important ingredient of America's survival". We should get out there and work for Romney like it all depends on us, and pray to God like it all depends on Him.
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