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The Great American Gun Frenzy

Stan Marsh's Grampa Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 5:45 PM
There are about 1.5 million active and another 1.5 mil reservists in the US Armed Forces. Most of those would have a serious problem with turning military weaponry on fellow Americans. The few that did, even with a massive technological and armament advantage, they would be in for a hel of a battle.The 70-80 million people in the US that own a gun make a fairly formidable foe. That isn't even considering the creative types making other weapons. Tyranny has been held at bay and our constitution has stood for a couple of hundred years. You can't say that it doesn't work.

January 13, 2013

A disturbed young man murders his mother, goes to the local elementary school and murders a score of young children, a few teachers, the principal as well as the school psychologist, and then turns a gun on himself, committing suicide.

Not long after, one of the rifles said to have been used in the massacre begins to fly off the walls and counters of gun stores everywhere. Americans are in a buying frenzy . . . for the exact gun allegedly used in the Sandy Hooks Elementary atrocity.