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Between the deductible and the copay I'll be bankrupt anyway, why should I pay 700+ a month?
And if your plan is a failure, you can keep your plan, or else we will sic the IRS on ya.
The only reason that he won is that he cheated.
They were probably sitting there horrified at the thought of asking tough questions unfavorable to the administration. They would much rather know about the latest stylish flotus tentwear.
Another mindless off topic rant from the Sybyl bot. Maybe you should go to huffpo where there are more of your kind.
Frank- You act like the dummerncraps didn't have anything to do with it. Apparently you missed the democrats screaming to get into the last couple of wars and their dozens of votes to stay there.
Don't forget that he used the IRS to defund his political opposition, taking out 400 plus activist conservative groups, and the vote switching machines.
use Firefox with a refresh blocker.
Leading by example isn't really their thing. They are more the idea men that want to guide everyone else.
Apparently the touch stone was a blarney stone.
Maybe the UAW should go unionize all of the big auto plants in Mexico that the Big Three built with bailout dollars. They can sucker their minorities, and it might move jobs back to the US.
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