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Here is a real immigration policy: 1) NO immigration at all until we have full employment. Once we reach full employment, immigrants must bring a desirable skill capable of supporting themselves and their family, as well as benefiting the country. 2) NO special tax deals for immigrants. 3) Illegals caught here will be deported once, and within 3 days of their capture. The second time will be after 5 years in a prison labor camp. 4) INS agents will be awarded a $ 100 bonus for each illegal successfully captured and deported. 5) No immigrant will be allowed social service benefits or voting rights until they have paid income taxes for at least 10 years. Problem solved in 5 steps.
30 is probably on the low side.
In other words she was an acceptable substitute for obama.
Yep. As far as democrats go, laws are mostly for other people. They are sort of a suggestion or guideline when they get in the way of a dem agenda, and there is rarely any penalty if you are connected.
Resume enhancement
So what are "laws & regulations" to a Democrat? Mostly suggestions for other people.
The DA's office is guilty of nothing less than extortion. It came down to give us 7.5 million or we will prosecute you.
Obama has NOT even tried to work with congress. Go back to the sequester farce. He repeatedly said that he would not compromise. It isn't the first time either. Saying that he has bent over backwards is totally asinine. Shoo fly.
The RNC is a total failure. They can't even bring home the elections that they win. Al franken, the deciding vote on zerocare, stole his election outright. The RNC said/did nothing. Obama stole the election in 2012 with vote switching software, statistically absurd vote tallies, and bussing libs from polling place to polling place. Even when presented with overwhelming evidence, the RNC did/said nothing. Allen West had his election stolen outright in FL, again the RNC was silent. Is the RNC run by DNC operatives or something? Between giving away elections and loathing the TEA, ya hafta wonder.
If you will recall, the economy and country went to c rap after the democrats took over the house and senate in 06. For 6 years the Bush economy was pretty good. The democrats took over and the stock market went in half, and unemployment more than doubled. The country still hasn't recovered from it, no matter how much the press lies about it. Bush didn't leave the country on the brink of collapse, your democrats did. He was just dumb enough to allow it.
And in spite of fierce lobbying, not a single R vote went for zero care. This is a 100% democrat owned and operated disaster.
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