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They are facing a mass exodus if they stick with the democrat-light routine.
There is nothing that obama and the democrats would like more than to have hairy reed's senate and the current wimpified house pass a budget that runs through the first half or more of the next two year congressional term. It would effectively nullify the recent election, and immediately take away the biggest leverage that the much more conservative house and senate would have against barackingham palace. Pass a CR until March and let the new class make their own budget. Once the new class gets in they should be ready to box. Let the little king shut down the government. Come back around immediately with a budget that funds public safety, social security, the military, and essential services only, and then make him fight for the rest. If he vetoes the essential services bill, he could be easily destroyed in the press. "We are trying to make sure that the essential services of the government keep running as the congress and barackingham palace hammer out their differences. The child king barack doesn't see it like that and would rather starve grandmas because he didn't get everything that he wanted in the budget...."
He looks pretty mad that his racist train got derailed.
What is broken is the enforcement end of the current law. What makes anyone think that the lawless dictator obama will enforce the new law any more than the old one?
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You Lie!

Stan Marsh's Grampa Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 7:36 PM
To obama? Yes.
I'd go for Jindal too. I hope he runs.
The good people of MN are being overrun with lib kooks and mu zzies. Between them and franken's ability to 'find' ballots marked for him in recounts, he was almost a sure thing.
My Mom was a hardcore Republican until the day that she died. She has been voting democrat ever since.
How about a $100 bounty on any illegal, and the ones that are caught win a free skydiving trip to Iraq or Syria.
The fastest way to stop the global warming grifters is to demand that they lead by example. The fastest way to prove that the whole scam is pure bull plop- obama is for it and the democrats are on board.
Must be pretty homely to only get 40 an hour.
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