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The dems in WI are just rabid that they are not in power, and they are really mad about Act 10. They have been investigating Walker for anything that they could smear him with. When they couldn't come up with anything, a hyper-dem DA in Milwaukee started the John Doe and dragged it out for 3 years. The idea was that they could smear him, investigate, subpoena and harass his donors, and never have to give him his day in court. The process was the punishment. The DA needs to be prosecuted for malicious prosecution, misconduct in public office, and dozens of other charges, followed by him being jailed and disbarred. It wasn't just smearing him about the investigation, they harassed the heck out of his big supporters in an effort to dry up his funding. Like obama, he used the force of government against his political opponents.
How about Ohio where they had many precincts record 130% of eligible vote?
Bush drew up a plan, obama totally blew it.
They always have an excuse. That is Bush's fault because you are a racist.
I was thinking the same thing.
Sorta like Fast n Furious arming Mexican drug cartels, or Benghazi arming terrorists?
It isn't just the taxi cab lobby. They pay big bucks to the givernment to get to play in the government created monopoly. The cabs want protection for their buck, and the giverment wants it's protection money.
Byrd was the senior democrat senator as recently as 2010, not 70 years ago.
I was thinking the ESA, but I think that the 16th has it beaten.
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