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Charming: McAuliffe Attended DC Fundraiser on Newborn Son's Delivery Night, Left Wife in Tears

Stan Marsh's Grampa Wrote: May 03, 2013 2:28 AM
Terry Mc Awfull is a banner democrat and held in high regard by the rest of the demmaggots. When he is a world class PO S it is a story that should be told, along with the fact that none of the other demmaggots cared as long as they got their graft money. Normal people would not abandon their wife for politics as she is giving birth, even if it is their job.

Terry McAuliffe wants Virginians to know how much of a family man he is.  Here's his campaign's warm-and-fuzzy first ad of the cycle, which isn't all that dissimilar to Republican Ken Cuccinelli's soft, biographical opening foray:

Isn't that special?  The man is all about family.  Except when he isn't (Dorothy is his wife):

Dorothy was starting to well up in the backseat. She was having trouble understanding how I could be taking my wife and newborn baby to a fund-raiser on...