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I'm waiting to see him join in on the flag burning ! He has made it clearheaded don't care about the us
Lmao funny you can't read a calendar it's nov 2012 lmao just under 48 days
War mongers run the us , people are lead by the nose and told all is ok . It's sad to see even when peoe are dead there is no one to take the blame . Now on the other hand is a civilian was to blame he would be tried and convicted to a life sentence . This people are not above the law and need to be tried in a court of law .
From what I understand it was a ploy tactic to help with the un treaty to pose a ban on firearms of the American people . The f*#k up part is even thow it blew up in the governments face this is something obooso will sweep under the rug and try another way to cr ap on the constitution or the us . But I could be wrong but the track record speaks for its self .
That's right chuck . We need to clean house and rebuild the system from the ground up .
But yet most people sit by and just complain . That's the first problem , the next is how to light a fire under there rears an get support to make it happen . Finally most are to scared to even stand up to the powers that have become to run this land . I truly hope that someone some where can and will make a stand to get others to follow . It's just sad that when your a patriot you are called a terriost . If anyone has and idea it would be nice to see it and see just how many are willing to follow a good idea . This was once the American way , but now will get you jailed .
Your the problem , your a tool of the system and hav no clue what you have . As you sit by and let them pay your welfare , your content in a failed system and can only make sad commits about others that stand for freedom ! People like you should go and live in another country and see if your mind is changed or learn what the NRA is before you make commits about something you have no clue about .
I'm not a dem or a repub ,I am a patriot . As a patriot as most here are we should ba able to agree that this isn't what we want to watch happen to our great county.
Just to make other stronger and we have nothing here to show for it but a mountain of debt . Yet we sit by and bicker about what needs to be done , the time will come when we say it's to late and we wish we had done something about the way our great country was dimanteled and sold to the highest bidder .
Don't be fooled by the governments lies ! I've read the commits and I'm pleased to see Prowd Americans but have major conserns that the majority are scared to fight for the rights we have. We have been told we don't mater and the goverment don't care about what we have to say. This is what a great leader has said and I qout ,A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.  — George Washington It seem to be time to rally and take a stand , the time for talk is over in my opinion! We have lost jobs to the powers called the one prevent that have sent them oversea
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