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The Church is Not a Closet

Stand_For_America Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 11:18 AM
This country was started on Christian principles, Idiot!!! no shariah lite, idiot!!!
obama ideas are not what this country is all about, and most of us that still believe in hard work and in the American Dream do not agree with what obama is doing. obama will transform our once Great Nation into another 3rd world nation run by UN laws. obama will bring this country down, shame on all those morons that supported this man and obama stole the election, he does not play by the rules. he plays by his own rules and comming next election 2016 he will not want to leave, just wait and see.
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Obama Cements His Legacy

Stand_For_America Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 1:18 PM
John Dickerson sounds like a Communist and that is what obongo is. wake up people the commies are running this Country. Why do you think they want your guns, that is what hitler did to take control of the citizens. They got the media on their side, the media has been brought and pay for by the lefties communist elites. We the people have been sold out, nothing that comes out of this administration will be good. We better pray that in 4 years we still have a country, we are losing our country bit by bit, starting with this dictator in the white house. Expect more job loses and the crash of the economy, they can't print money forever.
Obama quoted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and it means nothing to him he has proven over the last 4 years to go against our Constituion and he will do it again. This is obongo is a enemy from with in, he is out to destroy this Country, shame on those ill inform morons who voted this illegal muslim back into our white house. By the way yesterday this obongo gave 4 of our F16 Jet to Egypt who is a enemy of America and Israel, and obongo is gutting our own military leaving us defenseless
If reid did his job, this SOB would be impeach, reid and pelosi, holder, the clintions are all traitors. I pray that they all rot in hell. They all need to be investigated and jail, laws have been brokens and this adminstration got down and dirty and stole this election for this dictator muslim monkey.
This monkey in the white house will not create jobs, he does not give a dam about anybody but himself and his ugly wife. To hell with him and all the idiots morons who voted for him. I hope he screws all of those morons that believe him to be their messiah.
bottom line, you are a obongo lover and you approve of this dictator who will screw you too, just give obongo time before you sing a different tune. By the way Your messiah looks like a monkey.
dream on monkey lover it will never happen, obongo will find new ways to waste more of taxpayer's money.
Now I know you are a idiot!!! wait until obongo throws your A$$ under the bus. You should crawl back out of the hole you came out along with obongo who by the way looks like a monkey along with his monkey wife too.
you sound like a useful idiot, it just that easy.
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