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Why Liberals Hate Teachers

Stan_in_Texas Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 12:15 PM
Maybe Mr. Gallagher has never taught school.....maybe he has. But facts are facts. He is absolutely correct. So, go ahead and pay your union dues, protest when you don't get a huge raise, do your job every day knowing that you don't have to even try, don't worry that little Johnny can't read..........your job is safe!!!! One more thing, Imagine if all doctors were unionized like the fear of malpractice, no fear of being sued, no fear of losing patients to neighboring clinics, no worries at all...........but would you, the patient, worry? I think you would.

Editor's note: This piece is excerpted from Mike Gallagher’s "50 Things Liberals Love to Hate."

If they Chicago teachers strike proves just one thing, it is this; liberals hate teachers. If you would permit me, let me explain this seemingly counterintuitive statement.

Liberals spend a whole lot of time trying to convince us they love teachers, but dig even skin deep into the matter and it becomes evident that liberals hate teachers. To understand just how much they hate teachers, consider the circumstances of their workplace. And compare it with yours and mine.

Think, for a minute, about what...