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I agree 100%.
I would agree with you completely if illegals did not already benefit from the freebies. The SCOTUS has ruled over and over that if any citizen can get it for free, then so can illegals. They already get foodstamps. They already get to file for un-employment They already get to file a tax return and get a refund even though they never paid a dime into the IRS. They get free education. They get free healthcare even before Obamacare by going to the emergency room. They get free lawyers when they break the law. So you see, your arguement for not allowing more Legal Immigation is laid on a foundation of sand. I say close the damn border now!!!! Stop giving things away to everyone who can provide for themselves.
Yes they do hate America. Their whole plan is to destroy America and welcome the New World Order that the UN is preparing. It is not just about more votes for the thieves in Congress although that is a big part of it. It is also a hatred of those who have worked for what they have, envy of those who have succeeded, and the desire to make them pay for others who have failed and even those who never tried. The ENEMY IS NOT AT THE GATE, THE ENEMY IS WITHIN.
I agree. Seal the border and then allow more legal immigation. Hey, if someone is willing to work and make a living and pay taxes I would allow them to come here. However, we have to stop giving things away for free to EVERYONE. I don't care if you are a citizen or an illegal, no free food stamps unless you first sell the 26" chrome wheels on your 1985 Chevy Caprice, sell the big screen tv, sell the iPhone.........then if you still are hungry and are willing to show me that you are trying to find work I might feed you. Otherwise, starve!!!!!! And stop giving "Tax Refunds" to people who don't pay is welfare from the IRS and it is out of my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell me how much of the US is un-inhabited un-developed waste land? Let me help a little......The United States government has direct ownership of almost 650 million acres of land (2.63 million square kilometers) – nearly 30% of its total territory. Why does the government own this land? True a small amount is for parks and wildlife preserves. But most of it is owned by the government simply because no one wanted to live there in the past so they never deeded it to anyone. And of course they have bought more private land that has minerals, oil reserves that they will not allow drilling on, and mountains that the environmentalists want to not develop. I am not for open borders. Seal it now but allow more immigration legally.
The problem is not that illegals reap the benefits. The problem is that the benefits even exist at all. When anyone can sit on their a$$ and do nothing and get free food, free housing, free healthcare (yes, even without Obamacare they could get free healthcare) there is something wrong with our once-great nation. Of course, the SCOTUS has rules that if any citizen can get it free then any illegal can get it free too. If you go to a National Park there are signs posted "Don't Feed the Animals" because they will depend on free food forever. It applies heere as well.
In the past, immigrants had an incentive to learn the language and assimilate. They could not communicate with the government, employers, merchants, etc. We have chosen in the last few decades to make them comfortable with non-assimilation. Our government offices by law accomodate them in their own language. Businesses are required to include labeling on products for their customers' languages. Of course, trial lawyers have forced this issue because product liability lawsuits love to claim that the idiot who spilled coffee on themselves did so because they could not read the warning label the coffee may be hot. You see, the way to help people to advance and learn the language of prosperity is to not make them comfortable.
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Enemies of the People

Stan_in_Texas Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 10:02 AM
Exactly what I was thinking. Their entire plan is to divide and destroy this once-great country. Look at the big picture and tell me he and his gang want the US to survive. The path to destruction is like Sherman's March to the destruction in its wake.
Who am I kidding...........most of America does not understand the founding of our Country and don't really care as long as they can tune into the latest garbage that Hollywierd is puttin out or see who is the latest lover of the $lut Kardashian. We are doomed and I know it. It is just really sad that we have been given so much by those who fought so hard and sacrificed so much.
What if.......... 1) We the people stop obeying laws that we know in our hearts are unconstitutional? 2) We the people stop paying our taxes in defiance of their waste? 3) We the people make a REAL effort to elect people we know we can trust who are committed to supporting an Amendment to limits terms? 4) We the people march on Washington and demand surrender of the people's house (including the Whitehouse and Congress)? 5) We the people stop using network and cable tv as our main source of information and seek truth though real journalism? 6) We the people rise up and take our country back and appoint people like Judge Napolitano as interim leaders who actually know what the Constitution says, why it says it, and will really follow it?
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Scott Walker Can Relax

Stan_in_Texas Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 12:27 PM
Well stated. There is a right to assemble as guaranteed by the Constitution. But there is not right to collective bargain. When will people start calling unions what they really are?.....Communism There is no diffence in the two and it is high time people had the nerve to call it like it is.
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