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Number of Americans on Food Stamps Hit Another Record High

Stan87 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 11:54 AM
What happens when people paying the bills threaten to cut the free stuff the parasites of society subsist on. Obama represents a collection of progs, parasites, sex perverts, the non-productive and socialist control freaks seeking government domination of every aspect of citizens' lives--mind your own business is a foreign concept to this group. This is the clear divider between what he/it represents and what his opponents represent. Some in the opposition parties are representing the productive in society, the civilized, the taxpayers, the entrepreneurs, the working class backbone forced to support their own and those that bo represents.The labor participation rate is a measly 63.5%. Unemployment would be at about 11%

It doesn't look like President Obama will be able to shed his reputation as the food stamp president any time soon. According to new data from the USDA, the number of people on food stamps has hit another all time high of 47,710,324 which is up by 600,000 from August. To be fair, this number is a bit distorted due to disaster relief from Hurricane Sandy.


A report from the Senate Budget Committee showed last week that the government is spending the cash equivalent of $168 a day...

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