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Come to Ferguson and see the africans looting and pillaging and mostly escaping any kind of prosecution. They routinely get away with black on white hate crimes. What don't you get?
Africans hold far too much power in this country, and with it they bring a criminal element used to gain their special rights and their economic warfare against whites and Asians. From set-asides, affirmative action, so-called hate crimes, special scholarships for the unqualified, and the rest of the list. The underpinnings are held in place by a corrupt old media and promoted by Hollywood.
Lynch is another criminal in a Black Robe that will continue to selectively, with criminal intent, enforce the laws she personally likes. The Lynch is aptly named. Organized crime continues to dominate the power positions in DC and we can expect more of the same. This is war on America folks ...
All part of the marxist pig's plan to bring down America, fill us with African diseases, and redistribute our wealth to other nations. The depth of BO's viciousness and hate is unlimited.
An notice who these male coprophiliacs are pictured with-- male children they purchased/adopted to abuse for most of their young lives. Keep in mind, that ancient Rome allowed homosexuals to buy, sell, and trade young boys--they labeled them catamites. San Francisco homosexuals call young boys, twinks.
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Ebola: Politics, Failure, And Opportunism

Stan87 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 7:03 AM
This goes way beyond incompetence. Some of us in the public health profession recognize the seriousness of this event. Think about it: we keep foreign animal diseases out of the country for good reason--to protect a population of food animals and plants. We cut all trade and imports off with countries that harbor these diseases. Now, think about what the dc lawyers running all branches of government, do to handle foreign human diseases. Africa is without question, the most corrupt and pathetic continent when it comes to dealing with diseases or most anything else requiring competent control. Look at what is sitting in our White house. Yes, he is incompetent, but he is also corrupt with a plan to bring America down to his level.
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LGBT Strikes Again: Comply or Die

Stan87 Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 7:16 AM
If you see no difference between an alliance of the mentally deranged, the males of which vector more infectious diseases to innocent people than any group on the planet, then you must be one of the male coprophiliacs with QDS. There is treatment for this psychopathology.
This is what happens when criminals seize the reins of power.
You nailed it. A large contingent of CDC scientists recommended flight stops, a basic public health act to protect the public. This disease may require close contact but that means that droplets of saliva expelled during coughing and sneezing can transmit the virus at least 3 feet. Fomites can also transmit this virus. The official word dictated by politics is that is is difficult to transmit and not particularly contagious.
Common sense public health actions work, but then that is not the goal and president Obola orders the void filled with something new to harm America. In some cases civil rights trump the science of public health--we saw that when male homosexuals were allowed to vector HIV unhindered by such science based decisions back in the 80s and 90s, now we have millions of cases costing 100s of billions.
Ebola was an emerging disease in 1976, the year of its first outbreak. What we are dealing with now, is likely a different strain that is more contagious. Both strains appear quite virulent with a high case fatality rate. It is madness to not put a stop to flights coming from these 3rd world dung heaps.
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