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My father in law, a B17 pilot on a mission over east Germany, went down behind the Russian line since he was losing altitude, and our Russian "allies" put him in a POW camp for six months until the end of the war. He despised them.
There is no more than a split-hair's difference between a Nazi, a socialist, and a communist. McCarthy was right on target and is a hero of the right wing of freedom.
This was a premeditated murder, period.
You kiddin. Cronkite was viewed as a loud mouthed liar by my family in the 60s.
That as the problem with old media reporting, journalistic fraud is simply the hidden agenda, it is celebrated, and routinely goes unpunished when discovered by the right wing of truth.
As the saying goes, sex offenders should be monitored not married. Not surprisingly, NJ is the one state that allows incestuous marriage. A recent story focused on a father marrying his son. I don't think either were homosexuals, but who is to say that coprophilic acts must be performed to qualify?
Acceptance of Homosexual access to same sex children is the orientation lifestyle of the future. It worked well in the days of Sodom and Ancient Rome. Why not again?
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The Golden Globes of Propaganda

Stan87 Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 11:45 AM
Without doubt the most devious abuse of young boys is letting a pair of coprophilic males adopt them. Castration is simply too good for these perverts.
I am with you. BO is a madman that hates America, especially white America. Romney was too far left but but he doesn't hate white America. Not voting at all is exactly what every tyrant wants. They figure there is no opposition so they do as they please and say look, I won in a landslide.
She is the butcher of Benghazi in my opinion.
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