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Reducing College Costs

Stan432 Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 4:32 PM
IT IS the government's job because IT created the problem. The outlandish growth of administrative positions (union protected) and government requirements in the education process as well as loan manipulation have conspired to the massive growth in costs. I could cut costs in a day, whole programs, whole staffs, need to be eliminated.
Bless you for having the patience to listen to his meaningless blather for that long! I gave up, he just wouldn't say anything meaningful . . . but isn't that the story of the Left? Or if they say something specific, they just rewrite the rules and history to suit them like the Napolean in Animal Farm.
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Left Turn in the Emerging Markets

Stan432 Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 3:52 PM
I agree with you in part, but remember the vast economic devastation caused by US and European Marxist academics training legions of 3rd world students to go back to their post-colonial countries and devastate them with long disproven economic ideas. Their leftist roots were donated by US universities back in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
It should, "suffering" is relative to what? Do ants suffer, a gazelle getting eaten by a lion? No, they just are if the world around us is random and meaningless. Suffering without eternal reference, is just a social construct or Dawkins "memes". I profoundly disagree, but this is a political site not a theological one.
You do realize that just saying something does not make it true, right? Why don't you list specifically, where, with whom, and how it's working? You can't of course because the Administration doesn't even know. Personally, I am going to pay more and get less. Of course that's assuming I'll ever get a bill to pay!! The morons at CoveredCA seem to only get our information in action for the dental insurance that we don't need or want . . . thanks Obama!
Because Obamacare is basically a type of Fascism, where the companies are puppets of government, we will have to bail them out. The other side of the rule that they have to spend 90% on benefits and capped profits, means we also absorb the losses. This is disgusting, there are plenty of examples of free (or at least semi-free) around the globe that we can emulate.
It was a terrorist attack that was as I say to my children, not an accident, unintentional does not mean accidental. Something could have been easily done to prevent this before and possibly during. Then for pure election reasons, they bald faced lied to the American people repeatedly. If you have no problem with this kind of behavior from ANY president, then you have issues.
Benghazi needs to be laid at the feet of Hillary, completely and repeatedly.
I'm not sure if you're defending the president or pointing out his legerdemain. He and his Administration repeatedly said the video lie. It was obviously a pure and vile attempt to subvert the truth to win an election. With Clinton on board to protect her election bid in 2016.
The answer to why is easy. President Obama thinks he's President Palmer, but he's really President Logan.
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Is China copying the old imperial Japan?

Stan432 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 4:04 PM
I would guess on internal memos the Chi-Coms call Taiwan, New Manchuria
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