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This is a golden opportunity for the Deerslayer Democrats. One of them should write an answer song to "Stand with Hillary." A great title would be: "I Can't Stand Hillary!" Songs and answer songs go 'way back. My favorite "song and answer" duo is from 1952 when country singer Hank Thompson recorded "Wild Side of Life." A short time later, Kitty Wells came out with "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels." "I Can't Stand Hillary!" That's a song that should work. If the Deerslayer Democrats won't do it the Republicans should. It would help show that they can display a "down home" sense of humor at times. Hell, get someone to write the words and I'll sing it!
Who is prosecuting Cefalu's retaliation complaint? Is it the U.S. Office of Special Counsel?
This just in! It appears that Republicans have convinced President Obama to visit the border. Air Force One is being fired up and will head for Detroit as soon as Obama is on board. Wrong direction you say? Hey, a border is a border. You Republicans are never satisfied!
He can't remember WHO told him about the computer crash? Well, as he said, it was in the middle of the income tax filing season. Poor man--he must have been busy date-stamping income tax returns. Incredible!
John Koskinen is the third IRS commissioner since the scandal involving agency handling of tax exempt organizations surfaced more than a year ago. He came to IRS from Fannie Mae where he had been appointed by President Bush in 2008 to rebuild following the credit crisis. But the IRS is huge agency in which a “we can do no wrong” attitude is prevalent. Thus, a new IRS commissioner, sometimes due to misplaced trust, can end up sweeping things under the rug rather than being a “new broom that sweeps clean.” On July 26, 1989, I and two fellow mid-level managers testified at hearings convened by Congressman Doug Barnard, D-Georgia concerning IRS senior level employee misconduct. The minority chairman of this subcommittee was Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois. In our testimony we provided extensive details concerning the IRS executive to whom we reported and his ties to organized crime. We also described the outrageous retaliation we had been subjected to by the IRS. Our story is chronicled in the book UNBRIDLED POWER, by former IRS historian Shelley Davis. The hearings by Congressman Barnard continued annually well into the 1990’s. In fact, I testified a second time before his subcommittee in 1992. Thus, journalists and Democratic legislators who voice “concern” about the length of the present investigation are clearly being disingenuous. Some might protest that my story is old--ancient history! But considering all the facts, it shows that the IRS is just as corrupt now as it was in 1985.
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Fast & Furious: Benghazi Edition

Stan351 Wrote: Apr 27, 2014 2:21 PM
If (a very small if) Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, Benghazi provides the Republicans a quick and catchy slogan: "Four men died and Hillary lied."
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