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President Barack "I Didn't Do It" Obama

Stan306 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 11:10 AM
The Post Turtle does not want compromise - he wants capitulation. A sociopath neither feels any remorse over lies nor does he separate the truth from lies - because in either case it's only about getting the Post Turtle what he wants. Look up the basic characteristics of a sociopath - watch about 20 minutes of the Post Turtle on video (don't take others word for it)... he matches up exactly. Call or write your congressman - tell them that we want no more negotiations or discussions with the Post Turtle. Real cuts in spending are necessary - tell them to do their job.

It’s one thing for a politician to “massage” the truth ... it happens all the time. But it’s quite another for one to so brazenly repeat an easily disprovable lie.

But, as in the case of President Obama and sequestration, when the fear of being caught in a lie is removed because those charged with being “watchdogs” are active participants, brazenly lying carries no more risk than saying “hello.”

Sequester, automatic across-the-board reductions in the rate of increase in government spending – commonly and lazily called “spending cuts” by the media – was the...

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