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NYT Reporter: The White House is “So Much Cockier Right Now”

Stan306 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 9:02 PM
Interesting... Comparing a woman who has unjustly stolen a child and refuses to give up her claim to the rightful mother... with the group of people who are being forced to pay for social programs and the only way to stop Obama from taking what is not his is to have the system collapse... I'm not sure it is a valid comparison - but the only real comparison is the woman who took what is not hers to a government, led by a tyrant who is determined to take what they did not earn.

I can’t say I’m totally surprised by New York Times columnist Helene Cooper’s comments on Meet the Press this morning. After all, the president won every single swing state on November 6th -- except North Carolina -- even after some of the most respected political pundits on the Right predicted he would lose his bid for re-election in a landslide (via The Weekly Standard):

"I think when you talk about the feeling at the...