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Hoover Dam: Worst Investment in History

Stan306 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 11:07 PM
Mr. French - you got the economics correct, but your knowledge of hydrology is sadly lacking. The dams greatly extend our water supply by carrying the flood flows from each spring over rather than allowing them to simply run to the ocean (there might be something about economics relative to flood control... but we will let that go). The fact that we have over allocated the amount of water available with storage does not change the fact that the storage vastly extends the water supply throughout the year. I'll walk carefully in the garden of economics if you promise to avoid unnecessarily siphoning my water supply away.

Economics professor Bernard Malamud not once but twice invited the crowd in Las Vegas to visit nearby Hoover Dam to see for themselves an example of the productive assets that were created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (FDR) New Deal. Professor Malamud was recruited to plead the Keynesian side of the argument in an "FDR's Depression Policies: Good Deal or Raw Deal?" debate with the Foundation for Economic Education's (FEE) Lawrence Reed during FreedomFest.

I finished my masters degree from UNLV under the tutelage of Murray Rothbard but I started my coursework with a class or two from professor Malamud, who, while...

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