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Denver Cops to Obama: Don't Use Us as "Political Props" for Gun Control

Stan306 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 5:32 PM
The Post Turtle doesn't care who gets used - it's not about them, it's about him. It a simple function of being a sociopath. The Post Turtle has never, ever wondered if what he says is true. Even when we prove the sociopath to be wrong - that is simply our fault for not being able to understand him correctly. The Post Turtle has the skill to lie, not the skill to persuade - the skill to blame, not the skill to be responsible - the skill to maliciously manipulate, not the skill to lead - the skill to read a script well, not the skill to inspire - the skill to blindly follow, not the skill to think independently - the skill to create tragedy, not the skill to heal - the skill to deny, not the skill to explain ....

Another Obama smack-down in the Mile High City.  The city's police aren't happy about being used as pawns in the president's latest bout of gun control posturing.  Via CBS 4 in Denver:


Many current and former denver police officers are not thrilled with today's event either. some say the president's request to have officers stand behind him during the speech makes them political props. the officers are being used to further a political cause that they do not...

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