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Maybe we get to concentrate on straightening out the RINOs first... I'm not sure the judge is the problem in this particular case for a change...
No one said I had to vote for the democrat if I don't vote for Cochran. The conclusion may be that democraps remain in control of the Senate, but the RINOs have done this believing that your viewpoint will win the day... I see nothing wrong with voting to give the RINOs a 6 seat gain instead of 7. I've got no delusions about RINOs getting the point, but I'm also willing to make the point again somewhere else...
You are confident - I am not... In either case, you can't avoid the fact that the republicans, when they have had control, have been no better than the democraps. And you can't deny that the establishment republicans have a high probability of falling in line with much of what the Post Turtle wants anyway.. So we give the Senate to a bunch of folks likely to vote with the Republicans - you can't seriously think that has any kind of guarantee that we stop the socialists agenda. All the republicans like Cochran are interested in is keeping their power.
You have no guarantee that Cochran will vote with the GOP at any percentage of the time. The GOP has proven that they are not necessarily better for us than the democrats... There is a real probability in my mind (in light of the recent GOP pushes for amnesty, their refusal to defund Obamacare, their refusal to impeach the Post Turtle, them caving over budget issues, ...) that a Republican Senate will work better with the Post Turtle than a Democratic controlled senate has.
So the judge doesn't rule on the merit of the case, but instead rules that he failed to file the suit in time. That pretty well fits to how this whole primary worked. You cannot decide to vote for Cochran because it will give the republicans the senate. The behavior of Cochran in this primary is reason enough to doubt that you would actually gain as much as we think if Cochran arrives in D.C. with the ethic he displayed in the primary. With most RINOs you only get another tax and spend politician who just doesn't call himself a democrat. Which Cochran you get someone who is so hungry for power that he will do anything to maintain the power. When there is no conservative to vote for - you always vote for the lesser of the evils. In this case there is a legitimate debate about just who that exactly is.
HGTV is welcome to hire and fire who they want. I have the right to criticize their decision and applaud the Benhams. HGTV is just another business who makes decisions based on what will make them money... and they don't have any other compass. I'm ok with that, but I get to point out that most of what is on HGTV is worthless and they definitely have a politically correct leaning that promotes homosexual behavior. The Benhams would have been a step up in class for HGTV, but the political correctness got in their way. I hope that folks out in NC who are looking for a home and want to deal with folks who have integrity will look these guys up.
(like) Hang on - we are sliding right on down there...
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If Not a Wave, a High Tide

Stan306 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 9:59 AM
Count on nothing from any poll meaning anything. Contribute to candidates that represent your values. Vote!
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Exploiting the 'Sex Box'

Stan306 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 9:52 AM
Me-TV is great stuff from an era of morality that is long gone. Most of the rest of what is on TV is trash... That's nothing new. I will defend the right to put the trash on and pray for the wisdom for people to turn the trash off.
Yet the latest reports suggest that the GDP expanded at 4.2% in the second quarter and corporate profits were up... Anyone else suspicious of numbers that start to look better before an election?
Just another slide on the slope...
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