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She should have thrown up... but maybe after you have been in D.C. for a while - you used to be touched by slimy things - and it just doesn't bother you any more.. Kind of like the guy who works in the sewage treatment plant and just can't smell it anymore.
Go see any LBGTQJORXYZ (I never know how many letters we are adding these days) pride parade and this actually makes sense. In the quest for legitimacy those aren't the images you want out there... certainly not when you are trying to achieve endorsement and acceptance as just another normal. Those folks show up looking like a perverted halloween party and it makes it hard for people to react without that little involuntary shudder.
Get lost ya heterophobic bigot.
You know .. those glasses she wears are just straight glass.. without prescription.. Just to try and make a blonde look like she is in charge of something. Given that she has zero chance of having the American public agree with her... What do you want to bet that the administration is in the middle of doing something else to perform coitus on us all that they need a distraction to cover?
From the Post Turtle's opinion editorial for the LA times: “Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies.” The Post Turtle thinks that the radical islamists have a "legitimate" grievance???? I really, really miss the days when the most screwed up a President was resulted in turning a whitehouse intern upside down in the oval office and using a cigar on her. This is so far beyond that - Clinton seems relatively normal.
Ok biden messing around with this guys wife is disgusting.
The Post Turtle has thoroughly earned the treatment he gets.
... and what do you call the Post Turtle sending his PAC over to try and get the other guy elected instead of Bibi...
I was kind of wondering what hog wash they were teaching kids over in the political science wing at colleges these days... Bright young minds full of mush who have never had to face the horror of a killer.
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The "Jobs for Jihad Delinquents" Program

Stan306 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 9:56 AM
The islamic thugs running around killing people are playing and re-playing the video of Harf each morning to get in a good laugh before they head off to work.
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