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Based on her skill set and qualifications - I don't thnk she is a good choice... But I do love watching liberal heads explode every time she shows up.
The Post Turtle reacted predictably. He lied and said that he didn't want to meet with N so close to their election. Given the results in November here, I'm guessing that N wouldn't want to meet with the Post Turtle - doing so cost a lot of democrats their ability to be elected.
Unbelievably enough ... I am grateful that the Post Turtle's mother did not select abortion as a means of dealing with him. I do wish that she had taught him something other than a hate for America while she lived all those years benefiting from living here.
There should be a bumper sticker with the title of this article on it. Sociopaths don't feel any need to recognize reality. On the balance, the Republicans clapping when the Post Turtle said that he had run his last campaign was just as snarky as his response. More than that - it threw away yet another great opportunity to just beat the crud out of the Post Turtle for months... "Hey Mr. President - you said that you were through campaigning... We aren't sure what you are doing out there giving speeches across America, but you and we have work to do back here in D.C..... if you were but here..." I don't watch the SOTU, the Academy Awards, infomercials, the "housewives of ...", people running around naked in the jungle as some sort of survival challenge... and they all fall into the same category of worthlessness these days.
Most of my family does live in Colorado, but like most states out there this kind of stuff comes from liberals in the state legislature supported by those living inside the city limits of Denver and it's suburbs (they don't live anywhere near the city). It's much like the saying in Washington State: "You can see all the liberal votes you need to pass any socialistic agenda from the top of the Space Needle." It's not a rule, but there is a lot of evidence of two America's - the America living in the big city who like lots of government involvement in their lives and the America living outside the big city that is more interested in what you can do without government (most of whom would give up subsidies if the gooberment would give up taxes and regulations)..
Nor should they be able to force them to bake a cake they don't want to bake.. for any reason except the legitimate protected classes that aren't based on a choice.
Get lost ya heterophobic bigot.
We let the homosexual activists dictate our political agenda and pretty soon we are all in a mess... Whether the guy wins this complaint or not... The discrimination law, the complaints from either side, and this whole agenda is nothing but idiocy.
Exactly... and the basis for all this is when we make a behavior into a protected class.
If there was any thought that the Post Turtle is actually thinking about making the country better instead of his own egotistical agenda - this speech should have erased any of those kinds of thoughts. Sociopath. He lies and gives you the look that says it is your fault that you don't believe him.
Yeah, I get it and so does everyone else David. The only reason for you to bring it up is so that you can undermine and discredit her - otherwise it's not relevant... Heck, it's straight from the liberal handbook - Rule #8: Carefully assess everything you and doing and then accuse those who oppose your agenda of doing what you are doing before they can make the point about you. Best defense is a good offense. Only thing is David, we aren't buying it.
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