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About 10 minutes after we repeal it entirely.
Yep, and I care what Boehner (a RINO) thinks, and what Lindsey Graham thinks and what Reid thinks and what.... You want to play with boundaries of the argument - fine. I will not vote for Patty Murray even if she has an R behind her name.
When you give up teaching and substitute testing - you get a population who knows only the information it will take to pass the test and little of the information that it takes to be a productive member of society.
Well said - Ann and the RINOs don't want to think about what would happen if we elect people who actually have the same values we have and will actually "represent" us (oh .. the horror...) My Gawd - we could see people in D.C. actually trying to make this country better - as you said, regardless of whether they have an R or a D behind their names.
Wait??? I believe that is what the IRS has already been doing.
This is a really bad time for America to be in the weak position that the Post Turtle wants us to be in. Right when we really, desperately, urgently, almost frantically - need a leader.... we have the Post Turtle.
The rest of his gridiron speech was pretty good too.
We keep them so that we can give out a number to idiots that we rarely answer..
I'm horrified that almost 40% think the Post Turtle tells the truth some of the time. That's 40% of the population who hear the Post Turtle talking and actually either take time to try and figure out if it is true or actually believe him. After 6 years of lies.... all the time. My wife teaches and it suddenly is understandable that she has some kids who lie, cheat, and steal and don't understand why they would be punished for doing so. Heck their parents don't have the moral standards to understand that the Post Turtle lies all the time - how would they teach an meaningful standards to their kids. I'm saddened by the result showing that 15% believe the Post Turtle never lies. This does explain why credit and investment fraud works so well... and it also assures me that the darwin awards have a bright and healthy future.
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The Obama Administration Trolls

Stan306 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 9:49 AM
This is news???
Wrong Ann. We primary the crud out of every RINO out there and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the process. If they can't defend themselves from someone you can show to be an idiot - why do we want them in congress anyway. I don't want the Republicans to have a super majority in either the house or the Senate - we have seen what happens when they have control and it was impossible to tell any difference between the spend happy Republicans then and the spend happy democraps now. The Post Turtle is an absolute disaster and his economic policies are heck bent on destruction of this nation. For that reason I want the Republicans to have control of both the house and the Senate to restore the system of checks and balances. Lets not live in the fantasy world of thinking that somehow the feds are going to control themselves...The mechanism is not there to change out enough of the RINOs fast enough over a continuous span of elections to give control to a solid set of conservatives who would restore our liberty and shrink the size of government. The only ways out of this is the constitution and a state convention that re-establishes a limited federal government or complete rebellion. I'm not sure how we get either to happen, and I fear the rebellion getting out of hand. But there is no reason to not primary every RINO we can as hard as we can. And it has everything to do with how much we love this country.
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