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It's all just one long slide down a slippery slope... The Washington State antidiscrimination law is an example of the next step: "Consistent with the law against discrimination, chapter 49.60 RCW, no religious organization is required to provide accommodations, facilities, advantages, privileges, services, or goods related to the solemnization or celebration of a marriage unless the organization offers admission, occupancy, or use of those accommodations or facilities to the public for a fee, or offers those advantages, privileges, services, or goods to the public for sale." Plain and simple - if someone wants to rent your church for a wedding who is not in your congregation - and you allow it for a fee... the door just swung wide open.
Untrained ... maybe - but I'm betting that their interest in actually enforcing the law (as opposed to being told to ignore the law) will make up for it. If you want the border to be a less welcoming place - why not make it more dangerous. The militia will learn quickly...
A simple and good decision by the court.
Why does everything this administration says now sound like whining...???
Wikipedia is the one of the worst sources of information on the internet. At one time, several years ago, I thought the concept of an internet encyclopedia was a good idea and spent time trying to contribute. It's all fine until you conflict with the liberal agenda - then it doesn't make any difference if you reference studies, provide proof, ... whatever - they change it back to fit their agenda. In the remainder of the information - if you have a source for what you cite there is no check on the validity of the source... All-in-all, I end up where my son's high school science teacher was at - Wikipedia was not allowed as a reference for any papers they wrote. Wikipedia is no different than the rest of the internet - you read it there, you had better treat it with skepticism - find another credible source.
I thought the Post Turtle was this wiz of a constitutional lawyer - maybe his incompetence explains part of why we can't see his college transcripts.
Read the article again... Perhaps the saddest part of all this is that while Brown references three proven liars... In general - none of us believe that almost anyone who has been in Washington D.C. for any significant period of time and a majority of politicians across the country wouldn't throw away any and all of their morality to get re-elected. The fix - state convention and the approval of a constitutional amendment for term limts. I used to say that voting people out of office was the fix. But we re-elected a proven sexual preditor, we re-elected a RINO who thrashed our borders, we have now re-elected a president who hates this country. We elected Reid, Pelosi, Murray, McCain, Boehner, McConnel, Cochran.... I no longer believe (although I wish I could) that voting will limit the time in office.
LOL Straight from the liberal handbook - Always accuse those who oppose your agenda of exactly what you are doing.
25% of homosexuals claim over 500 partners 50% of homosexuals claim over 100 partners STDs are higher by percentage in homosexual men (http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/gender/msm/) None of this suggests a stable relationship.
I wonder if this means that the carriers are now going to work on making it difficult if not impossible to "unlock" the phone without destroying it?
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