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I like Ted Cruz, but he is wrong about this. They shouldn't approve any of the Post Turtle's nominees no matter what. We don't need any more liberal hacks in the administration or the courts. Having no AG is better than Holder or anyone the Post Turtle has (or is likely to) come up with. Provide the idiot in the white house a list of people they will support and tell him that anyone not on the list isn't worth nominating. The path on amnesty is simple.. The Post Turtle will do what ever he is going to do, Congress needs to pass a law that essentially rescends whatever the Post Turtle does, the Post Turtle will veto it, and Congress needs to override the veto. If you want to re-establish the balance of power between the branches of government that the constitution intended - this is the only way.
Pelosi is a bitter, senile idiot. But she is fairly representative of San Francisco...
Hey, 8:00 Thursday night just opened up... Given where this is going... I think I'm going to give my kids an hour of immunity from the consequences of lying to me. I don't see any difference between that and what about bunch of the rest of America will be doing at the same time.
All the videos are going to magically disappear and Gruber is going to end up dead in a park somewhere... It worked for the Clintons, why not the Post Turtle.
You bet - he will be on right after Learner testifies honestly about what she did... lol
This is just more proof that government is a verb.
The Post Turtle only attends a church or a mosque when it serves his political agenda.
"All this suggests that pollsters did a better job of finding Democratic voters than they did of finding Republican voters." Based on the facts, its a da.mn strong suggestion.
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