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If they marry them and then live in two separate countries - I don't care. It's the other actions that should not be allowed. Prosecute them for child rape.
No, it was the obvious financial implications of continued fines that were allowed by the courts, combined with compromising their religious freedom that they could not accept. Your boycott alone could have been solved by simply relocating the business... You may claim that you win the battle, but the war is a very different thing ... Ask Mozilla.
I choose every day whether or not I am going to pursue sexual relations that day. I can choose to be celibate. So can homosexuals - they are not animals, they do have cognitive abilities. You confuse a discussion over the choice of a behavior with a discussion of whether or not they are able to choose to be homosexual or not. Homosexual behavior does not qualify as a protected class.
The Post Turtle lacks the skills to comprehend any of the points you make Guy. Therefore he clings to lies and the simple claim that the facts and the truth are only what he says they are. There have been times in my life when I assumed that the facts and the truth are what I said they are. Most of those times, my father helped me focus on reality through the application of his hand to my backside. Too bad the same advantage was not afforded to the Post Turtle when he was young.
Yeah, but don't be trying to get those salt grains covered under Obamacare. They have been deemed by the Post Turtle and his minions to be unneeded.
This is true. Too bad Duncan doesn't get it. I would love for someone to have asked him why those who have come here and gone through the additional effort of doing it legally aren't inspiring enough for him to even mention.
I still believe that we need to get government completely out of marriage. Drop all of the endorsements, tax categories, check boxes on forms, licenses, ... The government involvement in marriage has long since lost all of the original intent. Leave it up to churches to decide who they will marry. Having a magistrate marry you will have the same validity as having the captain of a boat or your local garbage man or your bartender. Stop trying to tell me who I should accept and endorse.
You miss the point - there is no "right" being denied. Finding the same statement in 1864 doesn't make it wrong then or now. Find for us where marriage is a right for anyone.
The comparison to civil rights is moot in any context. You cannot choose your skin color, age, gender,.... You can choose to pursue sexual behavior whether you are homosexual or heterosexual - homosexuality does not rise to the level of a protected class.
I've certainly been impressed by their ability to use spray paint on the side of my building.
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