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America: We're on the Wrong Track

Stan306 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 9:44 AM
So... roughly 10% of those who voted for Obama have buyers remorse?? Probably not... I'd be willing to bet that most of that 10% just think that if the President will just change a few little things... we would all be fine... Amazing how tyranny slips in, takes over and then treats you like leprosy.

Although the majority of Americans just voted to re-elect President Obama to a second term, despite his obvious economic failures during his first, a new Hill poll shows a vast majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

A mood of economic gloom hangs over the nation as President Obama and Republican leaders scramble to strike a deficit deal that avoids automatic tax hikes and spending cuts, according to a new poll for The Hill.

The poll, conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, found nearly 6-in-10 people (59 percent) feel the country...