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We Aren't Quite as Stupid as They Think

stambroni Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 2:43 AM
First all those attacking the tea party should understand that the tea party was co-opted after the mid term elections in 2010 by the republican party. The true tea party are actually those Constitutionalists who supported Ron Paul and the liberty movement. Second, if you voted for either Obama, or Romney, you deserve everything you get, you are obviously an uninformed voter who believes everything you see on MSM news channels, and tthat includes the so called conservative news channels such as Fox. Get your heads out of your behind, or the sand, get informed and stop believingthere is a two party system in America, there isn't.
If you are reading any opinion column during the Christmas season, you are likely an individual who seeks out information and observations, and comes to your own conclusions. In other words, you are a "thinking" man or women, and whether you ever agree with a single word I write, I nevertheless both congratulate and give thanks for you. And this column is for you.

Most politicians and many in the media truly believe we are stupid. We are the masses. We are those meant to receive a pat on the head, an empty promise and a warm feeling --- that leaves...