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10 Crazy Signs I Saw at SlutwalkDC

Stacey23 Wrote: Aug 12, 2013 5:24 PM
I think these women simply hate men. Why else would they deliberately dress in a manner to torment men with lewd thoughts? I also don't understand their preoccupation with rape.
Does anyone really care who Sandra Fluke supports? Does anyone really care about Sandra Fluke, period?
AND, the wedlock consists of one man and one woman.
If we cannot rely usefully on ANYONE or ANYTHING whatsoever to help us understand Scripture, then we are right back where we started: anyone can interpret it as he likes and my Catholic interpretation is as good as your non-Catholic one Exactly, Trog. Which is why the oral traditions hold sway with me.
For Scott 4616: Just a few things. First "priest" was not the original name for the local church leaders. If originally was "presbyter",. was shortened to "prests", then became "priests",. Presbyters are mentioned in the NT. Also, (and I don't remember the verse exactly, so forgive me) a mention is made to rely upon Holy Scripture "and whatever we told you",. Some things done in the early Christian churched may not be found in Scripture, but that does not mean they are incorrect. The Apostles may have mentioned things in their sermons that did make it into the Bible. Christ's ministry lasted only 3 years. He probably said and taught things that were not put into Scripture. Some of the early Church Fathers were disciples of the Apostles themselves. (Ignatius, for one)., If some Church Fathers learned at the feet of the Apostles, then their writings can be taken as authoritive.
Good post, Troglodite. No denomination of Christianity is 100% perfect, since all members are fallible humans. As for me, I lean toward the Eastern Orthodox Church as being the most accurate in scriptural interpretation, as well as in Holy Tradition (not to be confused with traditions of men). I do have a problem with Orthodoxy in that I find it very vague with regards to salvation (salvation being a process instead of a one-time decision), but since the Byzantine church is the oldest organized church, I give them the benefit of the doubt. And as far as scriptural interpretation, the Bible, having been inspired by the Holy Spirit, cannot contradict itself. Therefore, not everyone's interpretation of Scripture can be correct. I left the non-denominational church because the beliefs and interpretations changed with each church I attended. It was just whatever that particular Pastor and congregation believed. In Orthodoxy, the same beliefs are found and practiced in each church from Texas to Bulgaria to Syria to Russia. And the doctrine has changed little since the time of Constantine. That kind of consistency has to mean something.
Me and others in Wendy Davis' district in Texas knew she was bad news from day one. The fact that she got re-elected last fall shows how liberals from other states who move to Texas can change the political landscape. They come to Texas for jobs, but they bring their mindsets with them. She also broke up a marriage. NOT a nice woman.
Do any liberals here have any defense for the comments listed in the article? Anyone?
A bunch of spoiled brats march on the government and demand "justice". The Left has taught them well.
Allison has arrived, thereby dropping the collective IQ of this thread 50 points.
The idea of sacrificial love confounds you, doesn't it?
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